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Foundations of Peace Education Curriculum

Program of Study

The program requires completion of four (4) graduate courses at the master's or doctoral level (12 semester credit hours). All courses are offered online through distance learning.

    • Start with TSOC 5600/7600 Foundations of Peace Pedagogy (required)

The purpose of this course is to introduce the basic concepts, theories, and approaches to peace education.  The course explores the theories of peace education, including pedagogical approaches to peace-learning.  The course also introduces the substantive areas of peace education.

Select three (3) additional courses chosen from the following list

Educational Psychology Focus:

    • EDP 6/8120: School Violence Theory, Prevention, and Intervention
    • EDP 6/8370: Media Literacy, Society, and the Mind
    • EDP 6/8360: Thinking and Reasoning in School Context
    • EDP 6/8990: Independent Study in Educational Psychology

Philosophy Focus:

    • TSOC 6/8390: Theories of Justice and Educational Policy
    • TSOC 6/8310: Major Educational Theorists
    • TSOC 6/8320: Education and the Democratic Ethic
    • TSOC 6/8330: Ethics of War and Peace and Education
    • TSOC 6/8340: Human Rights Education
    • TSOC 6/8350: Environmental Ethics and Education
    • TSOC 6/8990: Independent Study in Educational Foundations

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Last Updated: 6/27/22