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Criminal Justice Curriculum

The master's program consists of a minimum of 30 credit hours, 12 hours of required core coursework and 18 hours of elective coursework. This degree can be completed entirely online.

    • Only 30 credit hours required (which is less than programs at other universities)
    • Degree can be completed in 2 years taking a minimum of 2 courses per semester (including summer)
    • No Graduate Record Exam required for admission if your undergraduate GPA was 3.0, or higher
    • 50% of your coursework is made up of electives, allowing you to tailor your courses to your specific professional interests, such as law enforcement, corrections, child advocacy, or juvenile justice

Core Courses (12 hours)

CRIM 6000 Advanced Theories in Criminal Justice (online)
CRIM 6200 Data Analysis in Criminal Justice (online)
CRIM 6400 Research Methods in Criminal Justice (online)
CRIM 6590 Administration of Criminal Justice (online)

Elective Criminal Justice Courses (12 - 18 hours)

CRIM 6300 Advanced Ethics & Criminal Justice (online summer)
CRIM 6320 Women, Crime & Criminal Justice (online summer)
CRIM 6980 Special Topics in Criminal Justice (online)
CRIM 6990 Independent Study in Criminal Justice (online)

CRIM 6310 Juvenile Justice in the Metropolitan Community
CRIM 6330 Advanced Victimology
CRIM 6340 Advanced Mental Illness, Crime, and Criminal Justice
CRIM 6350 Advanced Comparative Criminal Justice
CRIM 6420 Advanced Criminal Procedure
CRIM 6430 Administration of Police Services
CRIM 6500 Corrections 
CRIM 6550 Criminal Justice System and Inequality
CRIM 6570 Civil & Criminal Liability
CRIM 6610 Corrections Policy & Administration
CRIM 6620 Police & Society
CRIM 6730 Guided Study in Child Advocacy Issues
CRIM 6940 Internship
CRIM 6950 Policy Projects
CRIM 6960 Thesis (online)

Elective Courses Outside Criminal Justice

(Optional, but a maximum of 6 credit hours may be counted for the completion of the degree)

With approval of the Criminal Justice Graduate Coordinator, Master of Arts in Criminal Justice students may complete as many as nine hours of coursework outside of criminal justice. This dimension of the program allows the student to develop an informal area of concentration. For example, coursework in management, labor, finance, and budgeting may be taken online from the Department of Political Science and Public Administration or from the College of Business and Innovation, for those students interested in criminal justice administration. Courses in sociology, history, psychology, and many other departments are available online, depending on a student’s interests and career objectives.

Capstone Experience

Students must select one of three capstone experiences:

    1. The first option is the completion of a thesis (3 or 6 credit hours). The thesis option requires a student to engage in an intensive research project under the guidance of a faculty committee. A written thesis must be prepared and defended in order to graduate. Up to six hours of credit can be earned for thesis work.
    2. The second option is to complete and pass a comprehensive exam that covers the core coursework of the degree.
    3. The third option is the successful completion of an internship (3 or 6 credit hours) with a criminal justice agency.   


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Last Updated: 6/21/22