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GAP/GTU Events

Upcoming GAP Club Events for Fall 2018

GEPL Game Night

Thursday, Nov. 29
Nov. 29
Snyder Memorial Room 3040

 First Meeting - Winter 2019

Snyder Memorial Room 3066

Regular Meetings - Fall 2018


Sep. 21, Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Nov. 30
12:20 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Snyder Memorial Room 3066

Special Events and Activities Planned

There are a lot of opportunities to do this. Locations are scattered around the city, including on campus, downtown, Wildwood, and Ottawa Park.  This type of "treasure hunt" is a good excuse to get outside, be active, and get to know our community a bit better. Also, we can create our own spots for future use.  We will finalize a time and place to do this at a future meeting.  

A Trip to The National Museum of the Great Lakes 
Located in town on Front St. (near downtown).  This would be fun and educational for both locals and those of us from out of town. The Great Lakes are vital to the economy and development, both economic and geographic, of our city and of the region as a whole.  They even have a ship we can explore too.  

Mud Hens Baseball Game 
There are a number of games going on in the last week of April.  Before or after a game we could explore downtown and perhaps go out to dinner.  Some of us have never been there, while others might not have been in a long time.  More on this to come.
Location to be announced.   


The Geopardy Competition and GTU Initiation will tentatively be held sometime in April.  Anyone who wants to be initiated, please let Dr. Schlemper know.  You may contact her at with any questions about GTU. 

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