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Summer Art Workshops at the University of Toledo

june 5-9

Center for the Visual Arts - Next to the Toledo Museum of Art
620 Art Museum Drive, Toledo, OH

The UT Department of Art will offer two summer workshops for students ages 9 through high school. Choose from MANGA/ANIME, offered in the morning, or WIZARD SCHOOL in the afternoon. Or take both and save! See below for details about each of the workshops. Each workshop is $60 or take both for just $105. If the participant is under 18, please click here and complete the emergency medical consent form. It can be easily filled out online. Then just print, sign and turn it in.

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June 5-9 (Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to Noon, 8:30 a.m. check-in)

In this 5-day workshop you'll explore Manga and Anime design techniques across a range of media - hand-painted shoes, digital design, hats and more. Bring a pair of new white canvas tennis shoes; all other materials are provided.

Manga/Anime Schedule

Day 1 - Drawing/Create design

Make your own comic. Start designs for your hand-painted shoes on paper; plan your shoe designs one section at a time - front, sides, heel.

Personally designed shoesDAY 2 - design on shoes 

Take your design from paper onto your shoes.


Create your own animeDAY 3 - animation

Create a digital anime character or design. We'll provide the flash drive so you can take it home.


Create an ear hatDAY 4 - cosplay 

Create your own ear hat.


Sample anime card gameDAY 5 - card games

Students will create anime/comic cards to play, share.


JUNE 5-9 (MONDAY-FRIDAY, 1-4 p.m., 12:30 p.M. CHECK-IN)

When you graduate from this 5-day Wizard School, you'll be equipped to unleash your creative inner wizard!  Make a wand; design your Wizardry crest; concoct potion bottles; build a dark forest terrarium; create a plush creature; and develop and play wizard games to grow your skills. All materials are provided. 

Wizard School SCHEDULE

Make a wandDAY 1 - Wands

Design and create your own magical wand. 


Design your wizard's crestDAY 1, part 2 - Wizard's Crest

Choose your own shield, animals, and design elements to make your own bold statement of origin.


Create your own potion bottle designDAY 2, part 1 - Alchemy & potions

Using safe and natural ingredients, you will create your own colorful "potions". 


Dark forest terrariumDay 2, Part 2 - Dark Forest Terrarium

Capture a little of the elements of nature in your own dark forest terrarium. 


Create a wizard's gameDAY 3 - FANTASTICAL BEASTS 

Create a plush, fantastic beast to populate your world.


Create a wizard's gameDAY 4 - Magical trials/games 

You and your fellow wizards will spend the day creating fun and challenging new games to keep.


Play wizard gamesDAY 5 - play Wizard Games!

As an exciting wrap-up of the week's wizard fun, you and the other wizards will have a chance to play all of the inventive new games that the "Graduating Wizards" have created. 


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2017 CVA Summer SCHEDULE

      Earth Day Art Contest Reception
      May 18 (4-6pm)
      June 5-9 (9am-Noon)
      Ages 9-Teen
      Wizard School
      June 5-9 (1-4pm)
      Ages 9-Teen

2017-2018 SCHEDULE

    • TBA

2017-2018 Schedule

  • TBA


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