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Photo of Jova Lynne, guest artist and presenter at the 2018 SculptureX Symposium. Here work will also be on display at the University of Toledo August 27 through October 27, 2018SITES OF POWER - Soft Thrones

An Exhibition by Guest Artist, Jova Lynne

Exhibit Dates: August 27 - October 27
UT Center for the Visual Arts - Main Gallery

Opening Reception - September 28 (4:30-6:30 p.m.)

UT CVA, as part of the SculptureX Symposium (see details below)

Artist Talk - September 29 (2 p.m.)

BGSU Wolfe Center Auditorium, as part of the SculptureX Symposium (see details below)

What does it mean to hold and sit with power?
To wield a weapon, a tool, a body. With power.
To subvert masculine weapon, tool and body.
To create a new landscape of power.
a Soft Throne.

Soft Thrones is a series within the Sites of Power body of work produced by artist Jova Lynne.

In January 2018, the artist Jova Lynne traveled to her familial home of Kingston, Jamaica to collaborate on a series of workshops with queer identified-female spectrum Jamaicans. Workshop participants reflected on the ways in which one cultivates relationship to power and what it means to distill power through body and tool. These conversations as well as the artists own reflections on identity and family have informed the portraits and objects presented in Soft Thrones.


Graphic representation of SculptureX, includes photos of artists and presenters, Mel Chin, Jova Lynne and Laurie Jo Reynolds

Sculpture-X Social Practices, igniting change

Symposium - September 28-29
Admission - $15; Students $10

The idea of social practice within and through art is evolving, sometimes ephemeral, and often experiential. Its ideological concern with sociopolitical issues manifests in such expressions as community engagement, performative installations, political encounters and environmental activities.  Social practice artworks have long been a powerful means of challenging  - and changing -  existing norms and conditions.

This year's symposium is a collaborative effort between The University of Toledo Department of Art, Bowling Green State University, The Toledo Museum of Art, Contemporary Art Toledo and Owens Community College. Each of the host organizations will have events in their venues. Visit the SculptureX web site schedule for full details.

Now entering its ninth year, SculptureX (i.e. sculpture exchange) is an annual regional symposium convened by the teaching arts institutions in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and western New York.  As a teaching and networking resource, SculptureX aims to promote collaboration among art teaching institutions of our region and to increase the regional and national appreciation of our visual arts programs of sculpture in its broadest meaning. At the same time, SculptureX encourages and fosters the intellectual pursuit of compassionate thinking, discovering new forms and definitions of visual communication and understanding.




    featuring Jova Lynne
    Exhibit Dates: Aug. 27-Oct. 27
    Reception: Sep. 28, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
  • FOCUS High School Art Exhibition
    Dates: Nov. 15 - Dec. 13
    Opening & Awards - TBD


  • SYDNEY JOHNSON - Summer research Grant Exhibition
    Dates: Aug. 27 - Oct. 27



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