Department of Women's and Gender Studies

The Department of Women's and Gender Studies (WGST) produces successful graduates who leave the University of Toledo with an interdisciplinary degree that prepares them for graduate school, professional degree programs, and the rapidly changing workplace.  Our students pursue engaging careers in both the public and private sectors.  Our recent alums can be found working in Washington, DC for the President's National Security Council or working locally for a women's advocacy organization.  They can also be found in graduate programs in English, Higher Education, Theology, and Women's Studies as well as in law school, and health programs.

Taylor Burtch, WGST and nursing student

As a freshman nursing major, Taylor took several electives outside of her major to explore other subjects.

"There has been a large connection between my classwork and my activism, which is a unique experience, not just to Women's Studies but to UT."

Taylor signature

Women's and Gender Studies major, 
College of Languages, Literature and Social Sciences '16

One of her exploratory classes in women's studies opened her mind to new ideas and helped her realize that her passion was something she could study.

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WGST offers a major and a minor in Women's and Gender Studies.  We are currently developing a new academic plan for WGST majors who are also pre-med and/or pre-law.  Our faculty research interests include:  Sexuality Studies, Global Women's Studies, Feminist Film and Media Analysis, Girlhood and Adolescence, Constructions of Male Identities, and Women's literature.  All of our majors participate in a field experience where students are able to intern with local, national and/or international organizations.

Our faculty are deeply committed to students and have received awards for teaching and advising including the University Outstanding Teacher Award, Master Teacher Award and the University Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award.  Our curriculum and department-level advising is designed to provide each student with a set of academic experiences that reflect their individual career goals and interests.  Our faculty actively engage students in learning both in and outside of the classroom.  Students are provided with numerous opportunities to connect their academic work with community engagement projects and service.

The WGST degree prepares students for a wide variety of jobs and career paths.  Our department is dedicated to providing students with opportunities for real-world mentorship and career exploration.  We believe these types of experiences are extremely important as you prepare yourself for a rich and exciting future.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 419-530-2233.  I encourage you to explore the website and/or drop-in for a visit.  Our offices are located on the 4th floor of University Hall, Room 4260. You can also reach me via email at

Asma Abdel Halim
Associate Professor & Interim Department Chair

Last Updated: 8/8/17