Department of World Languages and Cultures

General Information

The Department of World Languages and Cultures is located on the second floor in the Field House on the Main Campus.

See the campus map for more details.

Memorial Field House: Floor 1 Map  Floor 2 Map

Department Chair Information:
Dr. Linda Rouillard 
Field House 2400 F

Department Office Information:
Location: Field House 2400
Phone: 419.530.2606 Fax: 419.530.4954
Office Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:15 am - 5:00 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Placement testing for World Languages takes place on a walk-in basis in the Testing Center, located in Field House 1080 (419-530-1269)

If you have studied a foreign language in high school and wish to continue in that language at The University of Toledo, you are encouraged to take a placement test. The available tests are in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish. Plan on one hour to complete the test. 

If you have questions about placement in Arabic, please contact Dr. Gaby Semaan at 419-530-2546 (FH 2400N).

During the summer, the Testing Center's hours are: MTWF 8:30-4:45 and R 8:30-7:45.

Fall/Spring hours for the Testing Center are: MTWRF 8:30-4:45.

Coordinators of Language Sections:

Arabic: Gaby Semaan

Field House 2400 N

(419) 530-2546

French: Linda Rouillard

Field House 2400 E

(419) 530-2029

German: Friederike Emonds

Field House 2400 M

(419) 530-7903

Japanese: Joseph Hara

Field House 2400 D

(419) 530-7793

Spanish: An Chung Cheng

Field House 2400 L

(419) 530-2146

World Language and Cultures Department Advisors:

French Undergraduate and Graduate: Linda Rouillard

     Field House 2400 F

     (419) 530-4651

German Undergraduate and Graduate: Friederike Emonds

     Field House 2400 M

     (419) 530-7903

Japanese (Minor Only): Joseph Hara

     Field House 2400 D

     (419) 530-7793

Spanish Undergraduate & Minor (A-H): Juan Martin

     Field House 2400 H

     (419) 530-2081

Spanish Undergraduate & Minor (I-Z): Kathleen Thompson-Casado

     Field House 2400 C

     (419) 530-2951

Spanish Graduate: Dr. An Chung Cheng

     Field House 2400 L

    (419) 530-2146


Visit the academic calendars page for past and current academic calendars. 

French Program and Extracurricular Activities

German Program Extracurricular Activities

Japanese Program and Extracurricular Activities

Spanish Program and Extracurricular Activities

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