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Management Major

The Management Major is designed for students who want broad exposure to a variety of courses, rather than majoring in a specific functional area.  It allows the student more flexibility, both with schedules and with preparation to assume any number of entry-level management training positions.

Program of Study

Required Departmental Courses: 12 hours

Select four courses with a maximum of two courses from each alpha code:

  • BLAW 3550 Legal and Safety Compliance
  • BLAW 3570 The Laws of Structuring and Operating a Business
  • BLAW 3670 International Business Law
  • BLAW 4570 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Managing Innovation and Technology
  • BLAW 4580 Detection and Prevention of Deceptive Business Practices
  • EFSB 3590 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • EFSB 4010 Growing Family and Entrepreneurial Businesses
  • EFSB 3480 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • EFSB 4690 Innovation and Technology Commercialization
  • HURM 3220 Human Resource Management
  • HURM 3630 Conflict Management: Mediation and Negotiations
  • HURM 4640 Benefits, Health and Wellness
  • HURM 4650 Compensation
  • HURM 4660 Planning, Selection & Recruitment
  • HURM 4710 Training and Evaluation
  • MGMT 3770 Ethics in Leadership and Management
  • MGMT 4210 Leading and Managing Organizational Improvement
  • MGMT 4250 Performance Management for Individuals and Teams
  • MGMT 4330 Organizational Leadership and Management Practicum
  • MGMT 4780 Leadership & Managerial Competencies
  • MGMT 4940 Management Internship

Electives Courses: 9 hours

Any 3000/4000 Business level courses not used in a major or minor


Dr. Sonny Ariss, Chair
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