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Welcome to the Ph.D. in Manufacturing and Technology Management Program at the College of Business and Innovation of the University of Toledo!

Not accepting applications for academic year 2015-2016.

PURPOSE AND VISION                                                                  

The purpose of the Ph.D. Program is to educate scholars to meet traditional & emerging standards of excellence in and contribute to the manufacturing and technology management field through research, teaching, and seminal publications in academic and professional journals and monographs.

The vision of the Ph.D. Program is to become a program of choice for highly qualified students seeking an advanced research degree in business and technology management. This vision stems from the deep understanding that knowledge bases are the foundation for innovation and innovation is the basis of performance today at the level of the individual, group, organization, or supply chain levels. Innovation and its translation into products and services through commercialization provide organizations and supply chains "competitive advantage" in the market place. These knowledge bases include product, maၼnufacturing, information and logistics/purchasing/transportation technologies and functional knowledge of management processes.


The Ph.D. Program is designed for individuals who seek doctoral training that provides a careful balance between these traditional and emerging standards of excellence in manufacturing education. The graduates of the program are expected to pursue careers in university teaching, industry, consulting or research.

Our Ph.D. program has a history of interdisciplinary research and has recently been expanded to include supply chain management, information systems, and the management of technology. The Ph.D. program also has a long history of research productivity. Following are some of the facts regarding research productivity of the program:

  1. Our program faculty and students consistently rank at the top of Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Conferences in terms of publications for several consecutive years (2000-2004).
  2. Our program ranks 9th in the world in Journal of Operations Management's publications (1990-2014). Journal of Operations Management is regarded as the number one journal in supply chain management research (*).
  3. Our program ranks 67th in information systems and technology research when a basket of top journals that cover technology and information systems is considered (MIS Quarterly, Journal of Computing, and Information Systems Research) -- (1994-2014) (*).

(*) These results can be verified at:


Our Ph.D. program has over twenty years history of training and preparing quality doctoral researchers for careers at leading academic institutions. We now have more than 40 graduates featuring very strong placements in Operations Management, Information Systems and Technology Management, Business and Economics, Decision and Information Sciences, Management, Marketing, and Accounting at institutions such as Texas A&M, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Pennsylvania State University (Brandywine), Gonzaga University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wisconsin, University of Richmond, Ball State University, and Middle Tennessee State among many others.

Twelve of our graduates have received national awards for research and/or educational excellence. Among them, four graduates won best dissertation awards or honorable mention and six graduates have been recognized with best paper awards at national conferences. The practical value of the dissertation research is also reflected in awards and support from the Institute for Supply Management, American Society for Quality, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and Society of Automotive Engineers.

It is our philosophy to continuously strive for excellence in our program and to provide the best opportunities to our students.

Recent accomplishments at Decision Sciences Institute 2010 Annual Meeting:

  • Oanh Tran (ABD) and David Dobrzykowski (Alumni) won the best student paper award for their paper titled "A Strategic Supply Chain Alignment Model: The Influence of 3D Strategy Alignment on Performance"
  • Ying Liao (Alumni) co-authored the award winning theoretical / empirical research paper titled "Successful Supply Chain Management Systems: The Role of Individual, Network and Collaborative Competencies"
  • Kun Liao (Alumni) co-authored the distinguished paper in accounting and finance titled "Two Models of Virtual Transfer Pricing Mechanisms in Global Supply Chain"
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