Provost's Office

Explanation of Grade Options

The Grade of Incomplete (IN)

This grade of IN is assigned only in extraordinary cases when unexpected conditions prevent the student from completing the requirements of the course within the term of enrollment. The student must complete the required work before the end of the following semester in which the grade is received (excluding summers); otherwise the grade will be converted to a grade of F by the Office of the Registrar. The student may initiate a request for an additional semester to complete the work for the grade (excluding summers). The extension is granted upon the approval of the faculty member and the Associate Dean of the college offering the course. The incomplete grade will not be considered in computing the student's grade point average.

The Grade of Progress (PR)

For master's and doctoral theses and dissertations, for undergraduate individual-study courses, and for special projects at the undergraduate and graduate levels that may not be completed at the end of a particular grading period, the grade of PR may be given to denote work in progress. It will not be considered in computing the grade point average. Except in certain cases involving graduate students graduating with a Master's degree, the grade of PR must be removed from the student's record before the student may graduate.

The Audit Grade Option (AU)

The notation AU appears on the student's record when he or she enrolls in a course for audit. AU is not a grade and no credit is granted. An auditor is not required to complete assignments or tests, nor is the instructor required to grade any of the student's work in the course. The student must submit to the Office of the Registrar a petition to declare this option by the 15th calendar day of the term.

Pass/No Credit (PS/NC) Grade Option

Students may elect to enroll in certain undergraduate courses for Pass/No Credit rather than an A-F grade. Students must complete a petition to take a class Pass/No Credit and obtain the approval of their college before the end of the 15th calendar day of the term. Grades of C or better will be changed to PS, and grades of C-, D+, D, D- and F will be changed to NC. The grades of PS and NC do not affect the grade point average. Students should consult their college regarding any limitations that may exist for this option.

Last Updated: 6/9/16