Provost's Office

Medical Withdrawal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to assist students who wish to drop or withdraw from classes for medical reasons.

1. A Medical Drop/Withdrawal request from students will be granted in the event of catastrophic/serious illnesses, injuries or conditions that seriously impair and/or incapacitate the student and the student's ability to attend classes. Approved medical drops/withdrawals will be at the sole discretion and judgment of the Chief of Medicine at the Student Medical Center, and when fitting, in consultation with appropriate college dean. To maintain the student's confidentiality, a release of information form will be obtained from the student prior to the Student Medical Center contacting the college dean.

2.Students are advised to contact the Student Medical Center within ten (10) calendar days from the onset of the condition which necessitates absence from class. Requests will be considered up through the first three (3) months after the onset of illness or injury.

3.Relevant information is needed in order to process a request for a Medical Drop/Withdrawal. Each applicant will be given the necessary forms, which request demographic information and clinical documentation, such as the date of the onset of illness or injury, diagnosis, hospitalization dates, treatment received and the prognosis.

4. Following thorough review of this documentation, a recommendation will be made and the student will be notified by mail within three days concerning the decision. Appropriate University offices will be notified by the Student Medical Center in cases of approval, i.e., Registrar's Office and College Dean. Please note that an approved medical drop/withdrawal will affect all of the student's classes.

5.Students for whom the date of onset occurs during the first 15 calendar days of the semester term will be eligible for a 90% refund. After the 15th calendar day of the semester and up until the end of the 10th week, a 60% refund will be granted for any approved medical drop. No refund in tuition will be granted for a date of onset beyond the 10th week. Note: Refund requests for financial aid recipients will be granted on a case-by-case basis depending upon financial aid stipulations.

6.If a Medical Drop/Withdrawal is approved, re-enrollment to the University of Toledo must be approved by the Chief of Medicine, prior to registering for subsequent classes. It is requested that the student contact the Student Medical Center at minimum one week prior to registration. The following documentation is required from the student's attending physician or psychiatrist:

· Any limitations or restrictions imposed on the student

· Date the student may resume classes

Note: The Chief of Medicine may request further evaluation of the student's condition prior to making a reenrollment decision.

7.In the event of a denied medical drop, the student may appeal within seven calendar days of the date of denial to the Director of the Student Health Services. A review committee consisting of the Student Health Services' Director, Chief of Medicine, and Counseling Coordinator, a representative from the Dean of Students, and a member of the college Dean's office will meet and a recommendation will be made. The student will be contacted with the appeal decision within 20 calendar days of the request.

Last Updated: 6/9/16