Provost's Office

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Guessler M. Normand, Chairperson & French Graduate Adviser
Joseph A. Feustle Jr., Spanish Graduate Adviser
Uta I. Schaub, German Graduate Adviser

Requirements for the Master's Program in French, German and Spanish

A minimum of 30 semester credit hours are required for the Master of Arts and a minimum of 30 semester credits hours are necessary for the Master of Arts and Education.

For the degree of Master of Arts or Master of Arts and Education with a major in French, German or Spanish, students must meet the following departmental requirements: (a) present an undergraduate major in the language of interest from an accredited college or university; (b) satisfactorily complete at least 18 hours of graduate credit in the major language (including courses 5010 and 5020 in French and German, 5010 in Spanish); (c) satisfactorily complete an additional 12 hours in the major language or in approved, cognate courses; (d) pass a comprehensive examination; and (e) demonstrate a reading proficiency in a foreign language other than the major. This may be done either by earning a passing grade in a foreign language course at or above the 3000 level or by passing an examination administered by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. A thesis may be presented for an additional 6 hours of credit in lieu of the comprehensive examination.

Last Updated: 6/9/16