Provost's Office

Department of Geography and Planning

Samuel Aryeetey-Attoh, Chairperson
Peter S. Lindquist, Graduate Adviser
Neil Reid, Internship Director

Requirements for the Master's Program

For the degree of Master of Arts, students must meet the following departmental requirements, including 30 semesters of graduate work: (a) That 15 of the 30 minimum hours to be taken in the department are at the 6000 level. Nine additional elective hours may be taken at the 5000 or 6000 level within the major. The 6100 and 6150 courses are mandatory. This 15-hour requirement may not include the following courses: 6700, 6910, 6940, 6960; (b) That a minimum of one graduate level (minimum 3 semester hours) course or seminar, approved by the adviser, be taken in a related area outside the department. This may not include an independent study or research course; (c) The selection of Geography and Planning courses and related courses should comprise a unified program and are to be chosen in consultation with the graduate adviser; (d) At the end of the second semester of full-time work, the student takes a comprehensive written and oral exam upon completion of at least 9 course credits and maintaining a B grade or better in 6100 and 6150 and a B average or better for all graduate work. Successful completion of the comprehensive exam entitles the student to become a formal candidate for the M.A. degree; (e) The student then seeks approval of a thesis topic. Approval consists of the formulation of a thesis committee, the submission and presentation of a thesis proposal to the faculty and students, and approval of the proposal by a thesis committee; (f) Research and writing of an approved thesis under the direction of a thesis committee composed of departmental faculty members. The student may select an applied or traditional thesis option; (g) Upon completion of the thesis, an oral examination on the student's research as it relates to general professional competence will be required; (h) minimum enrollment to qualify for the master's degree is 2 hours of thesis credits, but as many as 6 hours within the 30 semester hours of graduate work.

The Master's Program is designed to provide a quality multifunctional education, foster theoretical and applied research in geography and planning, promote multicultural understanding, complement interdisciplinary work, and support local community outreach programs and grass-roots organizations. Faculty interests and research facilities offer opportunities to pursue intensive programs in (a) Urban and Economic Geography, (b) Environmental Geography, (c) Community, Urban and Regional Planning, (d) Geographic Techniques and Applications, and (e) Cultural and Behavioral Geography.

Last Updated: 6/9/16