Provost's Office

Master of Liberal Studies Program

Frederick E. Tank, Director

The Master of Liberal Studies program offers personal enrichment and professional enhancement to individuals with bachelor's degrees who desire additional study in the liberal arts. The program is interdisciplinary in nature, allowing students to do research exploring relationships among traditional areas of study. After a series of core seminars, students create their own programs of study. For further information, please contact the director of the program.

Master of Liberal Studies Program Requirements

For the Master of Liberal Studies degree, students must complete the following requirements:

1.The three interdisciplinary core seminars (9 hours): MLS Seminar in the Humanities (6010), MLS Seminar in the Social Sciences (6020), and MLS Seminar in the Natural Sciences (6030);

2.Electives (selected in consultation with the director) (15-18 hours);

3.Thesis (3-6 hours).

Total: 30 hours

Last Updated: 6/9/16