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Special Ohio Certification Programs For Undergraduates With Degrees

The state of Ohio has established certification programs that enable (a) graduates holding teaching certificates to train for a certificate in a different teaching field or grade level, and (b) non-education degree holders to qualify for a provisional teaching certificate. A student in the post-baccalaureate certification program is classified as UWD, or, undergraduate with degree.

Inorder to formulate a program of study for such applicants, the academic record of each must be evaluated by the Student Services Center. Prior to the student's first semester of enrollment, an application for credit evaluation should be obtained from the Student Services Center. When the application has been submitted, the student will then receive by mail a list of the courses needed for certification. If there are questions regarding the evaluation, the student should consult one of the college advisers.

The program to be completed by the applicant will conform to the intent of the state of Ohio and The University of Toledo's approved program. Under no circumstances will the College recommend a UWD for certification until the full extent of the certification program has been met. All students must maintain a 2.5 average or better in teaching field(s) and in professional education coursework.

UWD certification usually involves an assessment of the previously completed course work including general education requirements, any professional education courses, and all curriculum content courses that may be acceptable in the area for which certification is sought. In order to be recommended for certification, the UWD candidate is responsible for completing all program requirements identified in the transcript evaluation completed by the Student Services Center. Note: Applicant must also satisfactorily pass all state certification exams.

Students also have the option to pursue state of Ohio teacher certification with a graduate degree. Those students should contact the Student Services Center for information regarding certification requirements. The Master of Education Degree with Secondary Teacher Certification is designed to enable holders of degrees in Arts and Sciences in specific areas to meet the requirement for teacher certification in that area and to meet the Professional Education component of a Teacher Preparation Program. Persons who successfully complete the program will be awarded the Master of Education Degree in Secondary Education and will be eligible to apply for provisional teacher certification in the state of Ohio.

Last Updated: 6/9/16