Provost's Office

Criteria for B.S.P.S. and B.S.Pharm. Class Standing

Year         Criteria
        Earned less than 32 semester hours.

Second       Earned at least 32 semester hours, have a HEd GPA
(as previously defined) of 2.5 or greater (based on the point average
scale of A = 4 pt.) and enrolled for Organic Chemistry, Physics and
Functional Anatomy and Pathophysiology.

Third        Earned at least 63 semester hours and officially
accepted into the Professional or the Upper Division.

Fourth       Earned at least 101 semester hours and enrolled
for PHCL 4150 and PHCL 4700.

Fifth*       Earned at least 135 semester hours and have
completed PHPR 4420 and PHPR 4830.

*Note: Fifth-year standing only relates to students in the B.S.
Pharmacy program.
Last Updated: 6/9/16