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SAHEC Student Comments

"I had a great experience at this AHEC. Drs. Bower and Hohman are wonderful physicians and people. Their clinic is a happy place to work, and all the staff enjoys being there. The patients appreciate the care they receive. I had multiple patients tell me that I am lucky to be part of such a  special clinic. Both doctors took the time to teach and create learning points. Dr. Bower even took time out of one of her mornings off to help me practice my clinical skills exam. I have already highly recommended the Fremont AHEC to fellow students." - Fremont

"I had a wonderful experience working with Dr. McLean in Port Clinton and would highly recommend this rotation! My expectations were exceeded. I loved having the 1:1 experience and feel like I learned much more than I would have if I were one of several students a preceptor had. I was able to independently interview and examine all patients before presenting them to the doctor and going back in the room together. We worked in a variety of atmospheres, from the outpatient clinic to the hospital to the health department to the jails. I felt that this rotation was excellent for giving an understanding of all that rural medicine can be. Thank you for this experience. I hope that the rest of my rotations can live up to the standard provided by this first one." I was pleased with the housing and food stipend provided as well."  Port Clinton

"Had an absolutely wonderful time at Northcoast Behavioral Health. I thought my attending and all the staff were great. I definitely learned a lot and have recommended it to many others in my class, thank you." - Northfield

"I enjoyed my Family Medicine clerkship with Dr. Hemeyer. He allows students to be independent and develop their assessment and plan skills. I grew as a student on this rotation and am now more confident in my treatment of patients." - Bellevue

"The teaching from the residents and faculty on this rotation at Mercy Family was second to none. They showed a genuine interest in making sure that the students felt part of the health management team. Students were made to feel that their input mattered and were valued in patient care." Toledo

"Dr. Wade Young is one of the best preceptors I have had in medical school. He introduced me to each patient, told me concisely what was going on with the patient, and explained what finding we would see on exam. I was very pleased with the volume of patients seen - ~35 patients per day X 3 dys per week + 1 day/week of surgery. This volume is important in developing skills with the exam instruments. I could not have asked for more." - Tiffin

"Dr. Bielefeld is one the friendliest and kindest preceptors I have worked with, and he made surgery seem like a less intimidating experience. He was great at teaching in the OR, and at allowing me to participate in ways that were at my level. I think I would have benefited from being sent to see patients on my own at the clinic and then presenting them to him, but I really understand from other clinic experiences how much this can slow down the preceptor's schedule. I would and have recommended him as a great preceptor to other students." - Bowling Green

"As far as the sites, I feel like the Wood County Hospital and even more so the Fostoria hospital were absolutely excellent places for exposing me to medicine in smaller places and for creating a positive attitude about them. Both hospitals are without doubt the friendliest places I have worked, and their size allowed me to see medicine in action more closely and feel like part of the process." - Wood County & Fostoria

"This was an excellent rotation; definitely a highlight of my 3rd year. I was very fortunate to have Drs. Keller and Wysor as they were welcoming, trusting, and a lot of fun to work with. I would suggest this rotation to any of my peers. Their style of teaching should try to be copied by others throughout 3rd year." - Sandusky

"Dr. Gibson was a very willing teacher and  great physician. Will recommend to other students. Enjoyed going to nursing homes, health department, and hospital sites in addition to her outpatient office." - Norwalk

"I appreciated the housing accommodations, the meals (generously provided & delicious), and Dr. Hiestand. Dr. Hiestand is a great teacher, provides lots of opportunities for hands-on learning and can be pretty amusing too. Many thanks to him & his office staff." - Fremont

"I have always wanted to do my residency in primary care, but I had honestly not been considering pediatrics as a field that I would be interested in or enjoy. After spending the month with Dr. Kakarala, I now currently hold pediatrics in my top two choices for careers. If that doesn't speak to the strength of this rotation, I don't know what will." - Tiffin

"My experience with Wood County Pediatrics was wonderful. They were welcoming, knowledgeable and very interested in fostering my learning. They gave me a level of independence that pushed me to expand my clinical skills and medical reasoning. This experience made me strongly consider Pediatrics as a specialty even though I was convinced ahead of time I would pursue another specialty. All three of these doctors were amazing mentors and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with them." - Bowling Green

"I had an excellent experience working with Dr. McLean. He is an outstanding instructor and provides plenty of opportunity to interact with patients. He also makes every effort to highlight talking points and indicate where I can improve. Thanks for a great 5 weeks." - Port Clinton

"Dr. Vargas was great. He gave me plenty of opportunities to participate in all the different aspects of surgical care. He let me know when I could do better, but he gave me the chance to learn on my own. I am very pleased with the overall experience of this AHEC. Dr. Vargas was a great example of preparation and he treated his patients and staff very well. Everyone was very kind to me and helped me learn." - Sandusky

"This rotation was a great way to begin my surgical clerkship, and I wish that I would be able to stay at this location longer. Everyone from Dr. Lalor to the surgical team and his office staff made it a comfortable and enjoyable place to learn and made me feel like an integral component to the cases rather than just a spectator. The amount of time spend with the attending (Dr. Lalor) and the patient-care involvement that was able to be experienced were great aspects that I know I will miss having at my other sites. Dr. Lalor and his staff should be made aware of the great experience they that are providing the UT students. I will definitely be recommending this rotation to my fellow students." - Bowling Green

"Dr. Back was very helpful and enthusiastic about teaching during my rotation. He taught me a lot about outpatient medicine and some of the differences of practice in the rural setting." - Willard

"I thought this was a really great experience. It was nice to get to work in inpatient and outpatient settings. The preceptors were all very nice and helpful. They provided guidance and teaching on many topics. It was really nice to be able to independently see patients in the hospital so that I can work on my patient interaction and exam skills. Everyone at the hospital was friendly and helpful." - Norwalk

"Great rotation. Drs. Cook, Rice, Waters, and Smith are all incredible teacher and preceptors who are enthusiastic about teaching and their jobs. I want to be a Urologist when I grow up!!!" - Sandusky

"Drs. Gudena and Reese were excellent clinicians and teachers. I will (and already have) recommend this rotation to my classmates. The opportunities presented to me on this rotation were excellent and I feel very grateful to have had this rotation as an elective. Everyone at the cancer center was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable in the office on my first day there." - Sandusky




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