Curriculum and Instruction

Department of Curriculum & Instruction
Degrees, Certificates, Licensures, Endorsements

The college offers the master of education degree. The degrees of master of arts and education and master of science and education are offered in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences. Specific areas of study for these degree programs are indicated below:

Administration of Programs
All graduate programs in the College of Education are administered jointly by the college and the Graduate School. Students may contact the specific department, the college, or the Graduate School for further information on programs or admission requirements.

Click on the following link to get information on the Licensure Alternative Master's Program (LAMP).  LAMP is a program designed expressly for holder's of a bachelor's degree who want to teach.  LAMP combines teacher licensure with a master's degree.  The master's degree is optional.

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Bachelor of Education in Middle Grade Education
Bachelor of Education in Adolescent Young Adult
Bachelor of Education in Foreign Language

Master of Education Degree Programs (M.Ed.)
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Off-Campus Cohort

Master of Education in Secondary Education
Master of Education in Middle Grade
Master of Education in Educational Technology
Master of Education in Career and Technical Education
Master of Education in Arts and Education

Master of Arts and Education Programs (M.A.E.)
Education and Anthropology
Education and Classics
Education and Economics
Education and English
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Education and French
Education and German
Education and History
Education and Mathematics
Education and Political Science
Education and Sociology
Education and Spanish 

Master of Science and Education (M.E.S)
Education and Biology
Education and Chemistry
Education and Geology
Education and Mathematics
Education and Physics 

Doctoral Degree Programs
Ph.D. and Ed.D through Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in one of the following:

Education Specialist Degree Programs
Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction

Middle Grade Education
Adolescent Young Adult

Foreign Language
Career and Technical Education

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