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Career-Tech Education Program

Businesses, industries, secondary schools, community colleges and technical colleges around the world are searching for individuals with the necessary skills to train and teach their employees and students. This is exactly what students majoring in career and technical education are prepared to do! If you cannot decide between business and education, Career-Tech Education (CTE) might be the degree for you. Students are ready for careers as teachers, administrators, or educational specialists in a variety of employment settings.

Career-Tech Teacher Education focuses on teacher preparation in traditional programming as well as non-traditional programs that rely primarily on practitioners who exit industry to enter teaching positions.  The CTE program offers initial licensure/teacher preparation as well as professional development for teachers through degree programming, in-service training and offering professional licensure add-ons and endorsements.  The CTE program provides leadership for Ohio Career-Technical Teacher Education by preparing teaching professionals to instruct/prepare students for successful careers in Ohio.

Licensure in Career-Tech Education

Please visit this page for more information on CTE Licensure. Note that you may complete an undergraduate degree alongside earning your CTE license, or may work toward a master's degree while earning your license.

 Master of Education in Career-Tech Education

The Master’s Degree Program is designed for students interested in extending their proficiency in teaching, adding endorsements to their licenses, or pursuing an administrative license as a Vocational Director. Because each student is unique, faculty advisors work with students pursuing the Master's Degree to design a program that is right for them.

Generally, the course of study will include three areas within the required 30 semester hours. The three areas include:

(1) basic (core) requirements (9 hours),
(2) major and/or license requirements (18 hours), and
(3) thesis, project, or administrative practicum (3 hours).

We offer an ongoing admissions process.

See here for more information about the Master's degree in Career-Tech Education.

Ed. Specialist Degree in Career-Tech Education

The Education Specialist degree is 32 hours beyond the Master’s Degree.

Career-Based Intervention (CBI) Endorsement (online)

This endorsement is for current CBI instructors who wish to work with at-risk students. Please visit this page for more information about the CBI Endorsement.

For more information about any of the programs listed here, please contact Eric Landversicht.

Eric Landversicht
CTE Program Coordinator
Gillham Hall 2000C 
Phone: 419-530-7291

Last Updated: 9/17/17