Curriculum and Instruction

Department Research and Projects

Algebraic Thinking - The K-5 Algebraic Thinking Initiative is a professional development project to support teachers in developing and implementing the Patterns, Functions and Algebra benchmarks and indicators in the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Mathematics.

Algorithmic Thinking - The central research objective of this project is to develop a prototypical model of core teaching practices that engage and support students in algorithmic thinking when studying fraction operations. 

Inquiry Master Teachers Program Advancing Content for Teachers (IMPACT) - IMPACT offers public school science teachers in grades 4-12 the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree in Biology (Ecology track) within two years. It is one of only four programs funded nationally by the U.S. Department of Education.

Leadership for Educators: Academy for Driving Economic Revitalization in Science (LEADERS) - We are looking for individuals interested in taking on leadership responsibilities in their school districts and who have strong science backgrounds and/or interest to create, test, refine and disseminate science curricula and professional development focused on renewable energy and to plan and implement district-wide professional development for teacher and student projects.

Middle Grades Math Initiative:  Rational Number and Algebra
-  Rational Number and Algebra is a collaborative effort between Toledo Public Schools and The University of Toledo. This professional development project is designed to support 6th through 8th grade mathematics teachers as they implement the Patterns, Functions, and Algebra Standard and aspects of the Number, Number Sense and Operation Standard related to rational number (fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportional reasoning) in the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Mathematics.

Teacher's Info-Port to Technology (TIPT) - TIPT provides a starting point for professional development materials for preservice teachers, inservice teachers, and university faculty.

Last Updated: 6/9/16