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2018 International Leadership in Education, Assessment and Pedagogy (I_LEAP) Practicum for Educaors (Dr. Marcella Kehus & Dr. Noela Haughton)

The International Leadership in Education, Assessment, and Pedagogy (I_LEAP) Practicum is an optional, co-curricular experience that provides students the opportunity to complete a mini-field experience abroad as a way to develop respect for cultural differences, cross-cultural interaction, social responsibility, and skills for constructive participation in a changing world. Regardless of focus, students who choose to participate in this experience will be required to integrate an international focus in their educational-based pedagogical, assessment and leadership coursework as reflected in the student learning objectives and competences. The site for the 2018 practicum will be the city of Qinhuangdao, in China’s Hebei Province, hosted by Yanshan University’s (YSU) School of Foreign Languages. UT students will join their YSU peers in the classroom and participate in a number of in-class collaborative assignments. They will also visit three schools: one elementary, one middle, and one high school.

The ideas of Global Preparation and Global Competences are influenced by National Association of Foreign Student Advisers (NASFA) and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) frameworks. Areas of focus include respect for cultural differences, cross-cultural interaction, social responsibility, and the development of skills for constructive participation in a changing world.

University-School Partnership in Literacy (Susan Parks, Lecturer)

Since 2010, the Department of Curriculum and Instruction has engaged in mutually beneficial partnerships with three local school districts. The Launch into Literacy with the UT Rockets program has increased the effectiveness of teacher candidates’ professional preparation and has supported struggling readers in local school districts. This program fulfills the requirements for preservice teachers in the course, Literacy Assessment and Remediation and provides a win–win scenario for multiple constituents in ways that have exceeded expectations. 

Embedded in the college course for our preservice teachers is a hands-on, interactive literacy workshop. In the workshop, these students create a toolbox of research-based strategies and use them directly with at-risk students in partner schools. Additionally, classroom teachers from partner schools who have students in the Lauch Into Literacy program attend professional development workshops in Literacy on the UT campus. Teachers and preservice teachers collaborate during these sessions as a way to transfer strategies used in Launch into Literacy  to classroom settings. During the professional development, classroom teachers will create a literacy toolkit for their classrooms and work with preservice teachers to develop customized intervention plans for students with reading challenges.

Judith Herb Endowed Co-Chairs for School-University Partnerships in Teacher Education (Dr. Rebecca Schneider, Dr. Jenny Denyer and Amerah Archer, a Doctoral Research Assistant)

The Herb School-University Partnerships for Teacher Education is an initiative to strengthen the current relationship between the teacher education faculty in the Licensure and Master’s Programs (LAMP) from The University of Toledo with educators and administrators from the Toledo Public School System to develop a sustainable partnership dedicated to the preparation of teachers for urban schools.  Through the work of this partnership, we will broaden the educational experience for preservice teachers and better equip them to teach students from all backgrounds in a diverse society.

Culture goes deeper than a surface understanding of ethnicity, race and/or faith.  Teachers who engage in culturally responsive teaching are able to recognize the importance of incorporating student’s culture into their learning while creating relationships that will cultivate the learning experience for everyone.  By relating to their students they will be able to identify their needs, contributing to their families and the urban community altogether.

This year marks the eighth year for the LAMP Middle and AYA cohort and the Herb project is anticipated to continue over the course of three years.  The UT-TPS Partnership Team consists of the Herb co-chairs, Dr. Schneider and Dr. Denyer, four secondary TPS teachers, Lisa Hooker, Sean Wesolowski, Bob Shawver, and Christine Corley, as well as Amerah Archer, a Doctoral level Research Assistant in Curriculum and Instruction.

Making Connections: Preparing Teachers to Integrate STEM  (Dr. Judy Lambert, Dr. Dawn Sandt [SPED], and Drs. Carmen & Sorin Cioc [Engineering])

Making Connections is a collaborative effort between Toledo Public Schools and The University of Toledo that provides professional development for teachers to help them improve their instructional skills and capabilities to integrate STEM in their classroom instruction. The program, in its third year, is funded by the US Department of Education and administered by the Ohio Board of Regents Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program. 

Project iG2: Interweaving GeoGebra with Differentiated Instructional Practices to Enhance Students’ Knowledge and Skills (Dr. Tod Shockey & Dr. Sekhar Pindiprolu [SPED])

This project, Interweaving GeoGebra with Differentiated Instructional Practices to Enhance Students' Knowledge and Skills in Algebra and Geometry, is funded by the US Department of Education and administered by the Ohio Board of Regents Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program.

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