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Office of Student Services

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3100 Gillham Hall, MS 914
Toledo, OH 43606
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Department of Early Childhood, Higher Education and Special Education


Cancio, Edward, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Delaney, Kate, Ph.D, Assistant Professor
Devlin, Patricia, Ed.D, Associate Professor
Dinnebeil, Laurie, Ph.D, Professor, Daso Herb Endowed Chair
Gore, Shanda, Ed.D, Associate Vice President
Harmening, Debra,  Ph.D, Associate Professor
Malakpa, Sakui, Ed.D, Professor
Newell, Dixie, Lecturer
O'Neil, Colleen, MEd, Lecturer
Opp, Ron, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Poplin Gosetti, Penny, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Pindiprolu, Sekhar, Ph.D., Professor
Richard, Cindy, M.A., Lecturer
Rosales, Katie, B.A., Lecturer, American Sign Language
Sandt, Dawn, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Schultz, Robert, Ph.D, Department Chair and Professor
Slantcheva-Durst, Snejana, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Slutsky, Rusian, Ph.D, Professor
Welsch, Richard, Ph.D, Undergraduate Associate Dean and Associate Professor

Last Updated: 1/29/19