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Algebraic Thinking Web Links

National Libray of Virtual Manipulatives
has transported  powerful teaching
into the virtual dimension of the computer.
The NLVM collection of over 100 interactive
software programs
, called “applets,”
is an effective means for accelerating
and deepening students’ understanding of math.


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)
is the public voice of mathematics education,
providing vision, leadership, and professional
development to support teachers in ensuring
mathematics learning of the highest quality
for all students.


Early Algebra
Teachers from 1–6 can use it to begin to "algebrafy" their
arithmetic classes, preparing their students for topics
that are normally dealt with much later in the curriculum.
They can also find out what research shows young
children are capable of learning.


Illuminations (NCTM)

Explore the library of 92 online activities that help
to make math come alive in the classroom or at
home,  view the collection of 521 lessons for
preK-12 math educators, learn about NCTM’s
Principles and Standards for School Mathematic,

check out hundreds of exemplary online resources,
as identified by an editorial panel





Last Updated: 6/9/16