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Participating in the Parent Mediated Television Project

Who participated in the Study

Parents who had a child (between 3-5yrs of age) with expressive language delays.

Time Required

Parents used the strategies at least four times a week during a television routine (20 minutes a day/4 days a week).  The parents implemented the strategies for 4-5 months. The entire study required parents to particpate for 33-35 weeks( 8-9 months; for testing children, observing children before intervetion, and after intervention).

Strategies used in the Study

Parents learned the strategies at their homes or a place they are comfortable. Parents learned to use (a) praise and (b) open-ended question during the first session. During the second session, parents learned to use (a) pause/wait time and (b) expanding children's comments.

Other Requirements

Parents kept a log of the TV program watched.  All other language measures and recordings were administered by the Project personnel.



Last Updated: 6/9/16