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Project Assure Information


Project Assure


Since 2002, The University of Toledo's Judith Herb College of Education received support for Project ASSURE. Project ASSURE is a five-year grant (2002-2007) funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. Dr. William McInerney of the Department of Early Childhood, Physical Education, and Special Education is the Director of Project ASSURE. While the program is in its final year, please see below some details about the grant and what has been accomplished.

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What Is Project ASSURE?

Project ASSURE is a personnel preparation program that features part-time and full-time graduate study leading to:

  • Ohio Dept. of Education licensure as an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist (ECIS)  OR ...
  • Ohio Dept. of Education Early Education of the handicapped validation (EEH) 
    OR ...
  • Ohio Dept. of MR/DD certification as an Early Interventionist (ages 0-3) (EI)

The focus of Project ASSURE is on the appropriate training of teachers and early interventionists (EI) to serve young children ages 0-8 with low incidence disabilities (severe mental retardation, behavior disorders, severe physical disability, autism and related conditions) in inclusive settings.

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Who Are The Project ASSURE Participants?

Project ASSURE has supported 85 students; 19 early intervention personnel and 66 early childhood special education teachers. Fourteen students were enrolled in the full-time program of study. Those eligible to participate in Project ASSURE wishing to gain the ECIS license or EEH validation included those teachers who upon entering the program held one of the following*:

  • Ohio Dept. of Education Early Childhood Licensure (ECL) (PreK-3)
  • Ohio Dept. of Education K-8, K-3, PreK or Home Economics Certification
  • Ohio Dept. of Education Special Education Certification
  • Ohio Dept. of Education Intervention Specialist Licensure (IL)

Those wishing to gain the MR/DD EI certification held a degree in education or a related area/degree (e.g., psychology, social work, nursing, speech pathology, PT, OT, etc).

*NOTE:  Or equivalent certification/licensure from another state.

Admission to the Judith Herb College of Education Graduate Program was a condition of Project ASSURE.

For more information about University of Toledo's graduate studies, click here!

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 Benefits Of Project ASSURE


Project ASSURE has supported both full-time and part-time students over the grant funding period.

  • The full-time program of study is designed to be completed in approximately one academic year, including summer.
  • The part-time program of study is designed to be completed in approximately two academic years, including summers.

Recruitment of full-time students focused on individuals who held the Ohio Dept. of Education Early Childhood License (or equivalent certification/licensure from another state).  Selection priority for the part-time program of study was afforded to early interventionists and early childhood special educators currently providing services under temporary credentials or without appropriate certification or licensure, respectively.

All Project ASSURE participants receive full tuition support and stipends. Project ASSURE pays tuition for approved graduate level coursework (up to 30 semester hours) so that participants may complete the program of study leading to Ohio Dept. of Education Licensure and/or certification by the Ohio Dept. of MR/DD as an Early Intervention Specialist.

  • Full-time students also receive a regular stipend payment to help offset living expenses.  Full-time participants complete 20 hours of grant-related work (as determined by Project ASSURE administrators) as part of their stipend support.  Full-time students must be enrolled for a minimum of 12.0 semester hours in Fall and Spring and 6.0 semester hours in each summer session in which they receive a stipend.
  • Part-time students receive a stipend of $1000 per Fall and Spring Semester contingent upon enrollment and completion of a minimum of 6.0 semester hours.

Students are responsible for incidental fees such as General Fees, Technical Fees, Service Fees, and books and supplies. 

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 Where Are They Now?

Check back soon to see where our Project ASSURE graduates are today!

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For further information, please contact the Project Secretary , Mrs Patricia Hacker at 419-530-4715, or the Project Coordinator, Dr. Lyn Hale, at 419-530-5292, You can also email Pat at patricia.hacker@utoledo.edu, or Lyn at lyn.hale@utoledo.edu.

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"This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP). Opinions expressed herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the position of the U.S. Department of Education."

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