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2017 winners
Judith Herb College of Education Scholarships

To apply for Judith Herb College of Education donor scholarships, applicants must submit following:

  • A completed application form
  • One letter of recommendation. Please use the form at http://www.utoledo.edu/financialaid/scholarships/webforms/schrecommendation.html . Be sure to provide this link along with your name, Rocket ID, birthdate, UT email address, and name of the scholarship (Judith Herb College of Education Scholarship) to your recommender.
  • A completed 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
The deadline to apply is November 13, 2017.  For details and application, please click link below:

Judith Herb College of Education 2018-2019 Scholarship Application

Please note that, with one exception, failure to comply with all the above requirements will disqualify you from consideration. You can still qualify for a scholarship without filing a FAFSA, but the range of scholarships available to you will be limited if you do not do so. Thank you, and good luck.

Herb Scholar Program Application

The University of Toledo Herb Scholars Program, the most prestigious scholarship awarded by the Judith Herb College of Education, honors Judith Herb and her family. The Herb family and The University of Toledo recognize, encourage and support teachers of the future as they make their way into classrooms that will generate the leaders of tomorrow. Herb Scholars throughout their academic experience will be invited to participate in activities that will deepen their leadership skills and offer opportunities for undergraduate research in areas of education.

The Herb Scholars Program is valued at full-time, in-state undergraduate tuition and general fees (up to 18 hours per semester), room and board for up to eight semesters of undergraduate enrollment. The scholarship is renewable, subject to scholarship policies and requirements and continued progress in an education major. The projected value of this scholarship is $82,000.

The deadline to apply is November 24, 2017.

University of Toledo Herb Scholars Program 2018-2019 Application


Additional SCHOLARSHIP opportunities

Office of Student Financial Aid/Scholarship Services

Students may be eligible for other University of Toledo donor awards not specific to enrollment in the Judith Herb College of Education. Scholarship applications, including the Office of Student Financial Aid General Scholarship Application, can be accessed using the UT Scholarship Search. A complete listing of all opportunities and requirements for UT and outside scholarships is available on the Financial Aid website.


Prior Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 Judith Herb College of Education scholarship recipients. 


Click herefor photos from the 2017 Scholarship Reception 

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