Jesup Scott Honors College

The Jesup Scott Honors College offers enhanced academic and experiential opportunities to highly motivated and talented students in all of the undergraduate colleges at The University of Toledo. The Honors College provides:
- a nurturing and challenging higher education experience
- small-group and discussion-based learning
- environment conducive to growth and discovery
- an atmosphere of intellectual and cultural diversity

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Honors in the News

Honors Student Secures CERN Internship
Jackson Schall, a UT Honors student, has outshone 1,700 other applicants and earned a summer internship at CERN.
Jackson Schall

Student Advocates for Clean Drinking Water Worldwide
Honors student Megan Davidson promotes global water purification efforts - read about her advocacy here.

UT Well-Represented at Undergrad Research Conference
Honors students Babcock, Gonring, Grubbs, Kumar, Batool & Zehra Mehdi, Post, Roberts, Sagan, Saluga, and Sarsour will present their work at a national research conference.

Conservation and the liberal arts
Samuel Duling recently travelled with a group of other Honors students and JSHC Dean Heidi Appel to the Galapagos Islands - read about the trip here.
Sam Duling

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Last Updated: 1/12/18