Jesup Scott Honors College

 Jesup Scott Honors College Directory

Office Location: MacKinnon Hall 2000

Phone: 419.530.6030
Fax: 419.530.6032
Mail Stop: 504


Heidi Appel Heidi M. Appel, Ph.D.
MacKinnon Hall 2000C

Ashley Pryor
Ashley Pryor, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
MacKinnon Hall 1010D

Jonathan Bossenbroek
Jonathan Bossenbroek, Ph.D.
Director - Competitive Fellowships
and Undergraduate Research
MacKinnon Hall 2000E



Ashley Edwards Ashley Edwards
Executive Assistant
MacKinnon Hall 2000D (MS 504)

Josh Martin
Josh Martin, M.A.
Assistant Director of Student Services
Scott Hall 0127

Alysha Cook
Alysha Cook, M.A.
Honors Learning Community
Programming Coordinator
Scott Hall 0117
Chessica Oetjens
Chessica Oetjens, M.A.
Program Coordinator - Competitive
Fellowships, Undergraduate Research
Scott Hall 0125



Barbara Mann Barbara Alice Mann, Ph.D. -
Curriculum Vitae
Professor of Humanities
MacKinnon Hall 1340A
Daniel McInnis
Daniel McInnis, M.F.A.
Assistant Lecturer
MacKinnon Hall 1010C

Carla Pattin
Carla Pattin, Ph.D.
Visiting Instructor
MacKinnon Hall 1010B
Ashley Pryor
Ashley Pryor, Ph.D.
Chairperson of the Faculty, Associate
Professor of Humanities
MacKinnon Hall 1010D
Glenn Sheldon
Glenn Sheldon, Ph.D.
Professor of Humanities
MacKinnon Hall 1010F
Mary Templin

Mary Templin, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer
MacKinnon Hall 1010E

JSHC Organizational Chart


Eric Gullufsen   Eric Gullufsen, M.A.
Rocket Hall 1810F

Eric Gullufsen has been part of the Success Coaching team at UT and the Jesup Scott Honors College since 2017. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from Bluffton University. Eric enjoys spending time with his family and reading, and prides himself on being uninteresting. Also...Eric may or may not be Batman.

Jessica Napier
  Jessica Napier, M.A.
Rocket Hall 1810J

Jessica Napier serves as a Success Coach in the Jesup Scott Honors College. She is a proud alumna of The University of Toledo, having obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology at UT and her master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Michigan University. She enjoys hosting dinner parties for friends and family and relishes a little friendly competition by playing "Name That Tune" music trivia on weekends.

Gentry Willis
  Gentry Willis, MOL
Rocket Hall 1810G

Gentry Willis, native of Toledo, Ohio, serves as a Success Coach in the Jesup Scott Honors College. She has nearly 20 years’ experience in higher education working in Career Services and Admissions. Gentry received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowling Green State University and Master of Organizational Leadership from Lourdes University.

Stacey Wisnieski
  Stacey Wisnieski, B.A.
Rocket Hall 1810H

Stacey Wisnieski serves as a Success Coach in the Jesup Scott Honors College. She obtained a dual-B.A. in German and English (creative writing concentration) from UT, completed Honors requirements for both majors – including writing two theses, and spent an academic year in Germany on a Fulbright. She loves Avengers, Star Wars, and Star Trek and enjoys pizza and game nights with friends.
Last Updated: 5/16/19