Jesup Scott Honors College

College Honors Directors

The College Honors Directors are faculty gatekeepers for curricular and other matters affecting Honors students as they chart a path through their major studies while pursuing the JSHC medallion. Students work closely with these representatives of the degree-granting colleges as they draft and complete Honors Learning Contracts as well as undertake an Honors thesis or capstone before graduation.

For a list of members of the Honors Advisory Council, click here.


 Melissa Gregory

 Arts & Letters

 Dr. Melissa Gregory

 Field House 1620

Bob Yonker

 Business & Innovation

 Dr. Bob Yonker

 Stranahan Hall 2021

Vicki Dagostino-Kalniz


 Dr. Vicki Dagostino-Kalniz

 Gillham Hall 5400Q

Scott Molitor


 Dr. Scott Molitor
 Nitschke Hall 1045C

John Laux

 Health & Human Services

 Dr. John Laux
 Health and Human Services 2400E

John Plenefisch

 Natural Sciences & Mathematics

 Dr. John Plenefisch
 Wolfe Hall 2246

Huey-Shys Chen


 Dr. Huey-Shys Chen
 Collier Building 4410

Martin Ohlinger

 Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

 Dr. Martin Ohlinger
 Health Education Building 137F

 Kim Pollauf

 University College

 Kim Pollauf, M.A.
 Rocket Hall 1300

Last Updated: 7/11/18