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Spring 2019

*A list of all offered Honors sections from across the university for Spring 2019 can be found here.*

Honors Seminars for Fall 2018

HON 4960-001 | Visualities of the Middle East
Dan McInnis
CRN 20039 | T  4:00 pm - 6:45 pm | 3 credit hours | University Hall 4520

A course description is forthcoming.

HON 4960-002 | Lucas County Environmental Science: Know Your Place
Todd Crail
CRN 10111 | F  1:00 pm - 3:45 pm | 3 credit hours | Bowman-Oddy Laboratories 1014

We will evaluate both the natural and social systems of the county in a way where students will possess the tools of empowerment to change the narrative of Lucas County. Lucas County, Ohio is generally perceived as a place with little environmental merit due to flat topography and a history of industry and intense agriculture. Social systems responding to these factors perpetuate this misconception and contribute to the loss of what environmental capital remains. The goal of this course is to give students a broad introduction to the environmental and social concerns that shape the narrative of Lucas County, Ohio.

HON 4960-006 | Utopia in History & Literature
Mary Templin
CRN 20019 | TR  9:35 am - 10:55 am | 3 credit hours | MacKinnon Hall 1370

Is “utopia” possible?  Can human beings create a perfect society or is that only a fantasy, an unattainable ideal?  Over the centuries, many utopian visions have taken form, both in fiction and in reality, with the aim of modeling a society free from various perceived social or political problems. This seminar will approach the subject of utopia through literature, history, philosophy, and the social sciences. We will read a number of utopian novels, study the development of actual utopian communities, and look at ways utopian (and dystopian) elements can be seen in contemporary culture, including in amusement parks, reality television, and social media. We will also discuss how we would design our own utopias, including their philosophical bases, their laws and structure, elements of daily life, and even their layout and architecture.

HON 4960-007 | Food and Eating
Glenn Sheldon
CRN 22396 | MW  2:30 pm - 3:50 pm | 3 credit hours | TBA

This course explores the symbolic power of food to reflect cultural or social affinities—across class, race and gender—in moments of change or transformation.  Popular representations of food and eating inform and shape our lives; further, individualistic affiliations to our own ethnic and regional roots can be found in the foods we eat.  These issues may be investigated along multiple lines, from multiculturalism to acculturation and assimilation.

Winter INTERsESSION 2019

HON 4960-001 | Metaliteracy & Research for the Modern Scholar
Wade Lee
CRN 80007 | MTWRF  9:00 am - 12:40 pm (1/2/19 - 1/11/19) | 3 credit hours | Carlson Library 1025 (and Online)

This Honors seminar and hybrid (one week online, two weeks in-person) Winter Intersession course will explore societal issues related to our information-rich world, provide practical skills in finding and accessing research material, and serve as a stepping stone for students embarking on Honors projects and eventually graduate school. The course will run from Dec. 17th - Jan. 11th with the in-person schedule specified above built-in. Registration for the Winter Intersession will open with Spring registration tomorrow just after 11:59 pm.


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