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Fall 2018

*A list of all offered Honors sections from across the university for Fall 2018 can be found here.*

Honors Seminars for Fall 2018

HON 4950-001 | Health Transforming Science & Invention
Steven Peseckis
CRN 41670 | TR  9:35 am - 10:55 am | 3 credit hours | Memorial Field House 1900

Advances in sciences and innovative technologies are dramatically changing human health and care options. Adventure into the realities, ethics, and economics of drugs, procedures, software, and devices currently shaping our future. Appropriate for students of all majors and backgrounds.

HON 4950-003 | Visual Literacy
Mysoon Rizk & Kate Blake
CRN 52645 | W  4:25 pm - 7:05 pm | 3 credit hours | Memorial Field House 1210

This course introduces students to the concept of visual literacy and strategies for observing and analyzing the visual world. Students will learn to analyze images in an art museum setting as well as apply such strategies to visual information from a wide range of disciplines.

HON 4950-004 | Dimensions of Sustainability
David Krantz
CRN 52992 | TR  12:55 pm - 2:15 pm | 3 credit hours | Bowman-Oddy Laboratories 1005

Dimensions of sustainability investigates the interactions of human activities with the natural function of the physical and biological systems of Earth.  Readings and discussions will evaluate a sense of place, and the ethical responsibility to future generations for stewardship of the global ecosystem.


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