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Fall 2018

*A list of all offered Honors sections from across the university for Fall 2018 can be found here.*

Honors Seminars for Fall 2018

HON 4950-001 | Honors Seminar - Health Transforming Science and Invention | 3 credit hours
Steven Peseckis
CRN 41670 | TR  9:35 am - 10:55 am | Memorial Field House 1900

Advances in sciences and innovative technologies are dramatically changing human health and care options. Adventure into the realities, ethics, and economics of drugs, procedures, software, and devices currently shaping our future. Appropriate for students of all majors and backgrounds.

HON 4950-003 | Honors Seminar - Visual Literacy | 3 credit hours
Mysoon Rizk
CRN 52645 | W  4:25 pm - 7:05 pm | Memorial Field House 1210

This course introduces students to the concept of visual literacy and strategies for observing and analyzing the visual world. Students will learn to analyze images in an art museum setting as well as apply such strategies to visual information from a wide range of disciplines.

HON 4950-004 | Honors Seminar - Dimensions of Sustainability | 3 credit hours
David Krantz
CRN 52992 | TR  12:55 pm - 2:15 pm | Bowman-Oddy Laboratories 1005

Dimensions of sustainability investigates the interactions of human activities with the natural function of the physical and biological systems of Earth.  Readings and discussions will evaluate a sense of place, and the ethical responsibility to future generations for stewardship of the global ecosystem.

HON 4950-901 | Honors Seminar - Food and Eating | 3 credit hours
Glenn Sheldon
CRN 49619 | Online

This course explores the symbolic power of food to reflect cultural or social affinities — across class, race and gender — in moments of change or transformation. Popular representations of food and eating inform and shape our lives; further, individualistic affiliations to our own ethnic and regional roots can be found in the foods we eat. These issues may be investigated along multiple lines, from multiculturalism to acculturation and assimilation. The content in this class draws from diverse disciplines: sociology, psychology, ecology, human geography, dietetics and nutrition studies, health sciences, women and gender studies, as well as cultural studies for the general reader.


summer 2018

*A list of all offered Honors sections from across the university for Summer 2018 can be found here.*

Honors Courses for Summer 2018

HON 4950-002 | Honors Seminar - Community Engagement | 3 credit hours

Ashley Pryor
CRN 37324 | W  12:55 pm - 2:15 pm | Summer Session 2 (June 25 - August 3) | Memorial Field House 1120

This interdisciplinary course is designed to provide students with experience in community engagement through work on a local issue or problem in a mentored, interdisciplinary team. The class will focus on developing practical skills, identifying best practices, and exploring potential solutions for complex problems. The course culminates in a grant proposal that can be adopted or adapted by our community partner. Class time will consist of short instructional presentations, group work, and class discussions.

HON 4960-001 | Honors Seminar - Multicultural Toledo | 3 credit hours
Andrew Heller
CRN 37116 | TWR  10:00 am - 12:10 pm | Summer Session 1 (May 14 - June 22) | Memorial Field House 1120

Multicultural Toledo is an interdisciplinary investigation into the multicultural, historical, and socio-economic development of the greater Toledo area and the ways that different community groups respond to its transformation into the present. Areas of investigation are designed to improve student awareness of and respond to topics including ethnicity, race, gender, gender orientation, socioeconomic class, religions, national origin, dis/ability, and age within the Toledo community. The course features multiple site visits to community organizations.

HON 2990-002 / 012 / 021 / 032 | Independent Study - SEED | 1 - 3 credit hours
CRN 3370 / 33701 / 33702 / 33703 | TBA

Supervised independent study.

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