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Scholarships and Internships


David G. Hoch Honors Fund

Eligible students: Honors College students who are active and in good standing. Monies shall be used to enhance the student honors experience via tuition, internships, study abroad, and conference attendance to present a paper as approved by the Dean via the committee's recommendation. The student must demonstrate some level of financial need. Must be applied to the student's account, but is refundable.   

Hoch Application

Deadline for submission: TBA

Robert L. and Rose Ann Huebner Honors Program Student Assistance Fund

Eligible students: Honors College students with a 3.0 GPA. If applying for financial crises, which may prohibit pursuit of degree, must demonstrate financial exigency. If not a financial crisis, may apply to use for study abroad, conference attendance to present papers, undergraduate research, or internship support.  

Heubner Application

Deadline for submission: Applications accepted on an on-going basis

Alan and Susan Lapp Honors Scholarship

Alan and Susan Lapp Honors Scholarship for ascending junior or senior Honors students. This scholarship will benefit students in the Jesup Scott Honors College at The University of Toledo. The Alan and Susan Lapp Scholarship Committee shall annually select the recipient. The scholarship is to be applied to the recipient's bursar account and divided evenly between fall and spring semesters. If selected as a junior, the recipient must reapply for the scholarship.  The award is not refundable to the student.

 Recipients Criteria:

  • an ascending juniors or seniors.
  • have a minimum 3.4 GPA on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent.
  • based on financial need.
  • demonstrated a commitment to community stewardship, or expressed an interest in public service.

Preference given to:

  • applicants who have declared an academic major in history, political science or economics.
  • students of color.
  • students who matriculated from central Ohio

Lapp Application

Deadline for submission: Friday, February 12, 2016.

 James K. Larson Scholarship Application 2016-17

James K. Larson has had a profound impact on the University of Toledo and particularly its Honors Program.  He was Director of the UT Honors Program from 1971 to 1986. Students benefited from his enthusiasm, expertise, and commitment to high standards of teaching and scholarship during his career at the University of Toledo. He initiated two courses for pre-med students--Hospital Field Work and a pre-med internship. His innovative and popular courses in areas ranging from the Honors Reading Conference to interdisciplinary Honors Seminars on Leonardo da Vinci and on Problems of Undergraduate Education, enriched the Honors Program’s course offerings and enhanced its educational mission. 

The James K. Larson Scholarship is to benefit the following Jesup Scott Honors College student: 

  1. Ascending sophomores who are enrolled in a humanities or social sciences program.
  2. The recipient shall have a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, or its equivalent.
  3. The award is non-renewable and non-refundable to the student.  The award monies will be applied to the student’s bursar account and spread evenly between the fall and spring semesters.

Larson Application

Deadline for submission: April 1, 2016

 Sullivan Award

The Honors College has financial awards available for Honors students who need help funding their research or creative projects; paying for travel and living expenses related to conducting research; for living expenses related to unpaid internships; and for university sponsored study abroad programs. Students from all disciplines and majors are eligible. 

Sullivan Award proposals must be reviewed by a UT faculty member, with an accompanying letter of support for the project. The proposal must also include a brief description of the project, the expected outcome of the work, and an estimated itemized budget. All proposals must be reviewed by a UT faculty member, along with an accompanying letter of support for the project and the student’s transcript.  The proposal must include a brief description of the project, a timeline of the project, the expected outcome of the work, and an estimated itemized budget. 

The Sullivan Small Grant awards funding amounts up to $300. Honors students involved in various research activities requiring small amounts of funding are encouraged to apply. This award is useful for covering the costs of materials related to students’ research efforts such as paying for Xeroxing, mailing surveys, printing posters, framing art work, buying lab supplies, video/audio tapes, or short trips to regional conferences.  Applications for the Small Grants are accepted on an on-going basis. 

Sullivan Small Grant Application

Deadline for submission: Applications accepted on an on-going basis.

 National Scholarships

Barry Goldwater Scholarship - For current sophomores and juniors with a background in Math, Science, and Engineering and with a career focus in research.  The internal deadline 12/9/2016; Program deadline 1/27/2017.  For more information go to: 

Harry S. Truman Scholarships - For students interested in pursuing a graduate degree linked to a future career in public service.  Candidates must be U.S. citizens.  Internal deadline 12/9/2016; Program deadline 2/7/2017.  For more information go to:

Morris Udall Scholarships - For current sophomores and juniors with interests in Environmental Issues, Community Health Care, and Public Policy Issues related to Native American and Alaska Native communities.  Internal deadline 1/15/2016; Program deadline 3/15/2017.  For more information go to: 

Marshall Scholarship – This scholarship is for U.S. citizens possessing a four-year degree in order to help finance graduate study (up to two years) in the U.K.  Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.7; the field of study is open; with up to 40 awards each year.  The deadline is in early October for the following fall term.  For more information go to 

James Madison Scholarship - For students who are committed to teaching American History, American Government, and Social Studies in grades 7-12.  The award is for tuition to work on M.A. in related areas.  Internal deadline 1/20/2016; Program deadline 3/1/2017.  For more information go to:

Application Process:  Students can apply for the following scholarships by contacting Dr. Larry Connin at the Honors College Office in MacKinnon Hall (419-530-6037 or 419-530-6030).  To apply, a student must be nominated by The University of Toledo after an internal review of the candidates.


Community Stewardship Summer Internship:  Application

Hoch Summer Internship Program:  Application 

Toledo Talent Keeps Toledo Great: Internship opportunities for the University’s students within the City’s departments or divisions.


Competitive Awards  

The Competitive Awards Initiative in the UT Center of International Studies and Programs (CISP) brings together faculty and other campus leaders for a centralized effort to  assist with the rigorous process of applying and preparing for these opportunities.  University of Toledo students interested in prestigious scholarly experiences, such as the Fulbright program or a Rhodes Scholarship, have a resource to help them secure those awards. 

 UT Scholarship and Awards Guide

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