Jesup Scott Honors College

The Jesup Scott Honors College offers enhanced academic and experiential opportunities to highly motivated and talented students in all of the undergraduate colleges at The University of Toledo. The Honors College provides:
- a nurturing and challenging higher education experience
- small-group and discussion-based learning
- environment conducive to growth and discovery
- an atmosphere of intellectual and cultural diversity

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Honors in the News

UT Undergrad Discovers Elusive Companion Star
Nick Dulaney, a UT Honors student, was determined to solve a galactic mystery. Why is there an unexpected, wavy edge on a disc around a bright, rapidly rotating star located 162 light years away from Earth?
Nick Dulaney

UT Hosts "7 Countries, 7 Stories" Open-Mic Night
2/13/2017 (Page 1)
UT hosted an event to promote community-building through shared stories reflecting on heritage and identity - one co-sponsored by the Honors College and coordinated by Honors students such as Hedyeh Elahinia.

UT Alumna Leads Public Art Project At Toledo Prison
UT Honors College alumna and community art coordinator, Emily Numbers, helped develop an art installation at Toledo Correctional Institution to draw attention to criminal justice reform.


Last Updated: 4/18/17