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Research: David Kennedy, Ph.D.

David J. Kennedy, Ph.D.Assistant Professor of Medicine
Office: 419.383.6822
Laboratory: 419.383.6823
FAX: 419.383.3344
Email: David.Kennedy@UToledo.edu

The overall aim of my research is to develop a mechanistic understanding of the pathogenesis of accelerated cardiac and renal dysfunction during cardio-renal syndrome. Thus, we seek to identify novel mechanisms of cardiac and renal injury in order to aid and improve diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive strategies in this high-risk population of patients. One of the primary scientific objectives of my laboratory is to understand the pathophysiology whereby endogenous counter-regulatory mechanisms become maladaptive and contribute to disease progression in patients with cardio-renal syndrome.


B.S., Biology, John Carroll University, 1995
M.S., Biological Sciences, Medical College of Ohio, 2001
Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, Medical University of Ohio, 2006

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Last Updated: 9/27/17