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  Course Descriptions & Schedules

Fall 2018 Office Hours

Fall 2018 Courses
Spring 2019 Courses

The following courses satisfy the upper level lab requirements:

Fall 2018
EEES 3810 Science of Gardening
EEES 4650/5650 Geology Field Course
EEES 4740/5740/7740 Aquatic Ecology Lab
EEES 4910 Directed Research
EEES 4980-001 Microbiology for the Environmental Sciences

Spring 2019
EEES 4355 Eco Conservation Reptile Amphibian Lab
EEES 4650 Geology Field Course-Mojave Desert
EEES 4790-001 Ecology Field Trip-Bahamas
EEES 4790-002 Ecology Field Trip-Trinidad
EEES 4980/6980/8980-016 Wildlife Identification

  • ECON 3240 will be offered Spring 2019
  • GEPL 3900 will be offered Spring 2019
  • PHIL 3180 will be offered Spring 2019
ENST or ENSC students are required to take these four courses, but you are exempt from the prerequisite courses. For a prerequisite override contact the instructor. If an instructor is not listed, or is TBA, then contact the department chair asking for an override after identifying yourself as an ENST or ENSC student.


Last Updated: 10/24/18