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Dr Ellingson US Air Force Grant Award

UToledo physicists awarded $7.4 million to rev up solar technology to power space vehicles

The U.S. Air Force awarded a team of physicists at The University of Toledo $7.4 million to enhance the reliability and efficiency of lightweight power to improve the safety and effectiveness of Department of Defense missions.
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Dr. Garcia-Mata in lab

UToledo breakthrough in how cells link together has implications in proliferation of cancer

For cancer to be successful — from its point of view, anyway — the disease has to find a way to break out beyond its initial foothold and spread throughout the body. Newly published research from The University of Toledo could bring fresh insight into one of the first ways cancers proliferate.
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UToledo NSM Fall Preview Day 2019

Join Us for a Campus
Preview Day!

Upcoming dates are September 28, 2019, and November 5, 2019!
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NSM Newsfeed
Five students on how science and math programs at UToledo have exceeded their expectations.
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Undergraduate programs and degrees

The Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Initiative and the Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Fellowship Fund have been established by the University to honor Dr. Quinn and ensure ongoing support of underrepresented graduate students in STEMM disciplines graduate and professional education and mentoring programs. For more information about donating to the Tony Quinn We Are STEMM Fellowship Fund click here.

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