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NSM Office
Wolfe Hall

Room 2246
Mail Stop 620
Phone: 419.530.7840


Student Services Office (Advising Assistance)
University Hall
Mail Stop 906
Third Floor Rm 3000
Phone: 419.530.2671

Current Students

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Department Chairs and Academic Advisors by department

Biological Sciences

Dr. Bruce Bamber
WO3205A| (419)530-7889

MedTech Program
Dr. Catherine Shaffner
WO1235| (419)530-1901

Departmental Adviser/Honors
Amanda Seabolt
WO2243B| (419)530-7893

Salford Exchange
Dr. Brian Ashburner
UH3350| (419)530-2739


Chemistry And Biochemistry

Dr. Jon Kirchhoff
BO2024| (419)530-7902

Advising Coordinator/ Honors Biochemistry
Dr. John Bellizzi
WO4203A| (419)530-5926

Biochemistry A-L
Dr. Timothy Mueser
WO4211B| (419)530-1510

Chemistry A-K
Dr. Jianglong Zhu
WO3265| (419)530-1501

Chemistry T-Z
Professor Jim Zubricky
BO2086H| (419)530-2566

Assoc. Chair
Dr. Cora Lind-Kovacs
WO2262| (419)530-1505

Honors Chemistry
Dr. Joseph Schmidt
WO3277| (419)530-1512

Biochemistry M-Z
Dr. Xiche Hu
WO2277| (419)530-1513

Chemistry L-S
Dr. Edith Kippenhan
BO1081| (419)530-4072


Environmental Sciences

Chair and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Timothy Fisher
WO1235| (419)530-2009

Environmental Sciences
Dr. James Martin-Hayden
BO3051A| (419)530-2634

Dr. Jonathon Bossenbroek
BO2001C| (419)530-8376

Dr. Richard Becker
BO3007E| (419)530-4571

Environmental Sciences
Dr. Mark Camp
BO3022| (419)530-2398

Environmental Sciences and Public Health 3+2
Dr. Von Sigler
BO3001B| (419)530-2897

Environmental Studies
Dr. Alison Spongberg
BO2007E| (419)530-4091

Ecology and Biology
Dr. Johan Gottgens
BO3001B| (419)530-8451


Mathematics And Statistics

Dr. Donald White
UH2030H| (419)530-4502

Undergraduate Adviser
Dr. Nathaniel Iverson
UH2010G| (419)530-2034

Assoc. Chair 
Dr. Alessandro Arsie
UH4110D| (419)530-3247

Physics and Astronomy

Dr. Sanjay Khare
MH5010| (419)530-2292

Undergraduate and Honors Adviser
Dr. Scott Lee

MH3003| (419)530-4779


Sharon Schnarre
UH3000| (419)530-2102


Groups and Organizations

Rocket Subunit of Ohio Chapter American Fisheries Society

Environmental Science Undergraduate Society

Student Chapter of American Chemical Society (ACS)

Delta XI Math Club

Building Ohio’s Sustainable Energy Future

Last Updated: 8/8/17