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Competency-Based Education

New innovative online learning for RN-BSN

The College of Nursing recognizes working nurses’ need for flexible education. That’s why we’ve developed a Competency-Based Education (CBE) track for our online RN–B.S.N. students. Our 100% online CBE program is the first bachelor’s degree program of its kind among Ohio institutions and offers students self-paced online learning that’s personalized, accessible and convenient.

Advance at Your Own Pace

CBE students advance through courses based on individual ability. Once a student masters a subject, they advance to the next topic. Students receive the same course content and expert faculty guidance throughout CBE as in the traditional online environment. Many CBE students save time and resources by being able to fully take charge of their online environment.

Choose Your Course-load

Flexibility and ownership are key. Students are often more invested in CBE curriculum because of its self-directed nature. Learn how you want, when you want, where you want. Setting your own schedule and course-load helps students balance the demands of busy personal and professional lives. Throughout the program you can slow down or increase your course-load. You lead your online experience and make it work best for you.

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What is the Competency Based Education (CBE) program?

The UToledo RN-to-B.S.N. CBE program provides an alternative RN-to-B.S.N. education. While the program follows the standard curriculum in the nursing program, it is a self-paced, online program that allows the learner to advance at their own rate as they master each of the areas for each of the courses.

What is the length of the Competency Based Education (CBE) program?

CBE is a self-paced education model, so completion time will vary from student-to-student. The courses are connected to competencies that meet the course objectives. After the student successfully masters all competencies for the course, they officially pass the course, and will advance to the next course.

The standard online option at UToledo is completed in 2- 5 semesters. It is expected that students in the CBE program can complete courses at a faster pace, but it will vary by student.

What learning management system is used for the CBE program?

Blackboard is the learning platform used for the CBE program as well as the traditional online RN-BSN track. Online support is available, including a Live Chat feature.

Is there a difference in the tuition between CBE and the traditional online RN-BSN track?

No, the tuition for the CBE program is the same as the tuition for the traditional RN-BSN online track.

What support will be available to guide me through the CBE process?

Faculty with experience in online learning and years of nursing expertise will facilitate your learning. All CBE students are supported by an academic advisor, course mentor and the course faculty. The academic advisor will review your academic transcripts to determine congruence with program pre-requisites and assist you in designing your plan of study. Your academic advisor will conduct the CBE assessment and discuss how CBE may be a fit for you, assist with the registration process and work with you to ensure the degree requirements are met. The mentor will conduct regular checkpoints with students via email or phone to ensure the student is progressing through the CBE program. The course faculty is available to guide you through each course and to answer questions about the competencies connected to each course.

Can I begin at any time in the semester?

There is a flexible start for students. Students can enroll in specified terms during the first 9 weeks of each semester. A hard stop is in place, which means that students must complete each course by the end of the semester in which they enroll.

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Last Updated: 8/21/19