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Post Master's to Doctor of Nursing Practice


Graduate application materials are submitted through the Nursing Centralized Application Service (NursingCAS) A supplemental application is also required and can be found at Program admission cycle information posted at

Established in 2007, the Post Master's to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at The University of Toledo in consortium with Wright State University is designed to take advanced practice nurses and nurse leaders to the highest level of clinical practice in order to meet the increasing complexities and challenges of the nation's healthcare environment.

As a DNP student at The University of Toledo you will learn how to...

  • Translate and implement nursing research into evidence based practice to provide the best possible outcomes for your population of interest.
  • Develop the leadership and organizational expertise to effectively enact the policies and procedures necessary to meet the dynamic state of healthcare delivery.
  • Identify approaches for quality management and performance improvements in health care organizations.

The online DNP curriculum includes theoretical and clinical courses to prepare students to lead and develop innovative health care delivery in a variety of health care settings. In accordance with AACN specifications for 1000 academically supervised post-BSN clinical hours to earn a DNP degree, 520 hours of academically supervised advanced clinical practice are included in the program. Students are expected to have earned and documented a minimum of 480 supervised clinical hours in their master's program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Learning Outcomes

View the Graduate Nursing Program Application Process and Checklist

Admission Requirements:

  • MSN/MS (Nursing) in nursing  from a CCNE or NLNAC accredited program.
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale from master's degree.
  • Official transcripts from all previous academic institutions attended are submitted through Nursing CAS.
  • Personal statement describing career goals, applied research interest, and expectations for doctoral study.
  • Submit your personal statement via the "Personal Statement" section of the NursingCAS, title it "University of Toledo"
  • Current resume or CV, listing current state and/or territory RN license number.
  • Upload a copy of your current resume or CV in the "Documents Upload" section of NursingCAS. 
  • Three recommendations from professional sources (one from faculty in major area of concentration from master's program). To be submitted electronically on your behalf via the "References" section of NursingCAS.
  • Active, unrestricted, unencumbered RN license from the state where student plans to conduct clinical experiences.
  • Direct Care applicants should hold appropriate APRN credentials for the state where the student plans to conduct clinical experience (COA or national certification).
  • Documentation of graduate level supervised clinical hours: DNP Validation of Supervised Clinical Practice
  • Students accepting admission to the College of Nursing are required to authorize The University of Toledo to obtain criminal record checks (i.e., BCII and FBI) and are responsible for fingerprinting expenses. Students must declare and document misdemeanor and/or felony offenses that occur prior to admission to the nursing program and/or during program progression. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code 4723- 7 conviction will result in denial of admission to the program or dismissal after matriculation.
  • Students are expected to be computer literate in word processing, spreadsheets, and other electronic means of communication.
  • Interview.
  • Admission is competitive, students are admitted to the Post Master's to Doctor of Nursing Practice Program fall semester only.

+Applicants must attach the file on designations page to The University of Toledo in order for the school to have access to the file.

*Pre-requisite: Must have completed a graduate multivariate statistics course with a grade of B or better within 5 years of enrollment in NURS 7040 and NURS 7060.

Sample Plan of Study

Semester I - Fall
Course # Course Title Credit
NURS7010 Scientific Basis of Nursing Practice

3 SH

NURS7050 Information and Technology in Nursing and Health Care Systems 3 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Semester II - Spring
NURS7040* Applied Nursing Research 3 SH
NURS7060* Population Health 3 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Semester III - Fall
NURS7020 Organizational & Systems Leadership in Health Care (40 clinical hours)

3 SH

NURS7090 Project Seminar 3 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Semester IV - Spring
NURS7070 Marketing & Entrepreneurial Activity in Complex Health Care 3 SH
NURS7030 Quality Management and Performance Improvement in Health Care Organizations (40 clinical hours) 3 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Semester V - Fall
Evidenced Based Nursing Practice in Direct Care (80 clinical hours)

Evidenced Based Leadership in Complex Health Systems (80 clinical hours)
3 SH

3 SH
NURS7100 Doctoral Project 3 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Semester VI - Spring


Final Practicum - Direct Care (360 clinical hours)

Final Practicum - Leadership (360 clinical hours)
6 SH

6 SH
    Total of 6 SH
Total Program Credits: 36 SH
Last Updated: 12/10/18