Department of Internal Audit and Compliance


Picture of David L. Cutri

David L. Cutri, CPA, CISA, CIA

Title: Executive Director and Chief Compliance Officer
Office:  LR3850
Phone: 419.530.8718
Fax: 419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 463

tom crumley

Thomas Crumley

Title:  IT Audit Specialist
Office:  LR3830
Phone:  419.530.8423
Fax:  419.530.3035
Mail Stop:  463

Susan Edinger

Susan Edinger, CPA

Title:  Senior Auditor
Office:  LR3870
Phone:  419.530.8753
Fax:  419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 463

Diane Eisel

Diane Eisel, CPA

Title: Assistant Director of Internal Audit
Office: LR3880
Phone:  419.530.8756
Fax:  419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 463

Enjie Hall

enjie hall

Title: Director of Campus Accessability and Student Disability Services
Office: RH1820
Phone: 419.530.2522
Fax: 419.530.6137
Mail Stop: 342
Meet Enjie's staff in Student Disability Services

Sue Hochberg

sue hochberg

Title: Director of State Authorization for Online Degree Programs
Office: FA1470
Phone: 419.530.6293
Fax: 419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 463

Picture of Lynn Hutt

lynn hutt

Title:  Compliance/Privacy Officer
Office:  MLB011
Phone:  419.383.6933
Fax:     419.383.2000
Mail Stop:  1165
Meet Lynn's staff in Compliance Office

Donald Kamm

donald kamm

Title:  Director, Title IX and Compliance
Office:  LR3620
Phone:  419.530.3152
Fax:     419.530.3035
Mail Stop:  463
Donald's page for Title IX and Compliance


Doris Laskey

Title:   Executive Secretary
Phone:   419.530.6294
Fax:  419.530.3035
Mail Stop: 463

brian lutz

brian lutz

Title:  Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
Office:  SV4360
Phone:  419.530.8496
Fax:   419.530.4428
Mail Stop:  302
Brian's page for athletics

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