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PVIC Staff

Dr. Collins, Robert Scientific Director/Principal Investigator
Stansley, Richard Co-Director
Moore, Pamela Financial & Operations Administrator
Salupo, Carl Senior Research Associate
Kahle, Terry Instrumentation Specialist
Adiga, Nirupama Laboratory Research Associate
Bergman, Daniel TA Masters
Bhandari, Khagendra Research GA Doctoral
Cimaroli, Alex TA Doctoral
KarkiGuatam, Laxmi Research GA Doctoral
Huang, Zhiquan Research GA Doctoral
Haugen, Neale Research GA Doctoral
Joshi, Chakra Research GA Doctoral
Khanal, Rajendra Research GA Doctoral
Khatri, Himal Research GA Doctoral
Koirala, Prakash Research GA Doctoral
Paudel, Naba Post - Doc Research Assistant
Phillips, Adam Research Assistant Professor
Pradhan, Puja Research GA Doctoral
Roland, Paul TA Doctoral
Royston, John TA Doctoral
Shi, Tingting Research GA Doctoral
Vasco, Anthony Research Assistant Professor
Yin, Wanjian Research Assistant Professor




Dr. Collins      
Personal Website
Endowed Chair

Dr. Collins is the Scientific Co-Director of the PVIC. Dr. Collins Research Group specializes in the area of Ellipsometry. Instrumentation development in Prof. Collins’s laboratory focuses on multichannel spectroscopic and imaging techniques that can be performed in real time during the fabrication and processing of materials. Research range from achieving a basic understanding of thin film growth and optical properties to improving industrial processes for photovoltaic thin films and other coatings.

Carl Salupo      

Senior Research Associate

Carl is responsible for oversight of facilities and equipment for the thin film photovoltaic program. He provides guidance and assitance to our students and research collaborators.

Adam Phillips      

Research Assistant
Assistant Professor


Research interests: using nanomaterials as building blocks for CO2-free energy supplies including photovoltaic and hydrogen economy applications. Currently he is fabricating single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT), separating them by type, and spraying them to form large area devices. SWNT are of interest because of the remarkable electrical properties (among other reasons) that allow a sprayed network to act as a highly conductive contact layer. Additionally, SWNT can be easily functionalized by a wide range of materials. As a result, it is possible to deposit a layer of SWNT functionalized with a catalyst. This film can be deposited on a solar cell as the contact layer, and the energy generated by the cell can provide the energy to fuel the catalytic reaction.

Pamela Moore      

Financial & Operations Administrator

Pamela serves as the primary fiscal and operations officer for the Wright Center for Photovoltaics Innovation and Commercialization (PVIC). She assists with the management of the overall budget development and reporting for PVIC; analyzes spending reports for PI’s and staff of PVIC (including generating financial reports and monitoring grant spending); manages and tracks reporting and spending for industry sponsored research; initiates and tracks capitalized equipment and day-to-day purchases; submits competitive bid waivers; oversees annual inventory report; coordinates the hiring process for all PVIC staff and temporary personnel; assists in budget development and management for new grant proposals for PIs associated PVIC; assists in the creation and submission of quarterly reports for federal and state grants; assists PIs with annual funding renewals on multi-year contracts and no-cost extensions.

Terry Kahle      

Laboratory Technician

Terry is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of a variety of thin-film deposition equipment using high temperatures and high vacuum. He is also responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of measurement and characterization equipment including optical systems, electronic systems and other testing equipment. He is expected to maintain electronic control systems and sometimes design and build these systems using temperature sensors/controllers, vacuum valves, vacuum pumps, vacuum readout equipment and safety monitoring systems. Participation in the design of new equipment and recommendation of design changes is expected. He has to supervise and train other PV instrumentation specialists, lab technicians, postdocs and graduate students in the safe operation above mentioned instrumentation. This supervision and instruction includes techniques of vacuum technologies including leak detection and repair. He is also responsible for the oversight of safety procedures associated with toxic gas handling as well as the ordering of compressed gases and cryogenic liquids. 

Nirupama Adiga      

Research Technician


Nirupama is responsible for testing and characterization of solar cells which includes Quantum Efficiency measurement, Current-Voltage characteristics, Data Analysis of solar cells, Sheet resistance, Reflectance and Transmittance measurements, Dek-Tak measurements for surface profile of thin films in PVIC group. Apart from these tasks, she does trouble shooting and maintenance of the equipments used for the photovoltaic characterization. She also trains the students how to use these instruments and assists professors, post docs and students in their research. She does these measurements for other companies through PVIC.



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