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Cadet Resources


ROTC Blackboard
Cadet Handbook
US Army Cadet Creed
The Art of War Sun Tzu
Tactical SOP
LDAC Presentation
PT Plan Template
PT Guidance
Risk Management Form: DA 7566
Example Slides For Training Meeting
Sample WARNO
Sample OPORD
Sample FRAGO
ROTC Ribbon Rack Builder

Leaders Training Course Videos
Cadences – Running and Marching
TACSOP – LDAC Standard Operating Procedures – Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Ranger-Athlete-Warrior Manual – A physical fitness program developed by the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment

Information on the new Army Service Uniform can be found at:

FM 21-20 (PT Manual)
FM 3-21.5 (D&C Manual)

AR 670-1 (Wear & Appearance of the Uniform)
FM 5-0 (Army Planning and Orders)
FM 7-0 (Training the Force) (2008 version at USAPA)
FM 3-21.8 (The Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad)



Post Links

Fort Benning Fort Bliss
Fort Campbell
Fort Benning
Armor School
Infantry School
Fort Bliss Fort Campbell
Fort Drum Fort Gordon Fort Hood
Fort Drum Fort Gordon
Signal Center of Excellence (USASCE)
Fort Hood
Fort Huachuca  Fort Irwin   Fort Knox
Fort Huachuca
Intelligence Center (USAIC)

Fort Irwin Fort Knox
 Fort Leavenworth Fort Lee   Fort Leonard Wood
Fort Leavenworth Fort Lee
Ordnance School
Quartermaster School
Transportation School
Fort Leonard Wood
Chemical School (USACLMS)
Engineer School (USAES)
Military Police School (USAMPS)
 Fort Monroe  Fort Polk  Fort Rucker
Fort Monroe Fort Polk Fort Rucker
Aviation School
Fort Sam Houston   Fort Sill Fort Jackson 
Fort Sam Houston Fort Sill
Air Defense Artillery School
Fort Jackson
Chaplain Center and School (USACHCS)
Finance School






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