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The Counseling Center is the university's primary facility for personal counseling, psychotherapy, and
psychological outreach and consultation services. To find out more information about the University
Counseling Center, click on the Getting Started icon.

Group counseling is an excellent benefit to students, allowing them to receive treatment from professionals while at the same time receiving support from peers dealing with similar issues.  Groups are subject to change depending on the need of the students.  Examples of groups include the following: 


   Anger Management

Do you feel intensely angry? Do you wish you could express your anger in more appropriate ways?
This group is for people experiencing issues with anger.

  Eating Disorders

This group examines eating problems with the goal of broadening your perspective on the
difficulties you see and furthering your understanding of these issues.   

LGBT Support

Provide a safe place for LGBTQ students and allies to meet and discuss issues pertaining to their journey of identification and acceptance of sexuality and gender issues.  Other issues related to family, student success, and relationships are also discussed. 

        Grief and Loss Support Group
Dealing with the loss of someone you know can leave you feeling sad, angry, and confused.  You may have difficulty concentrating,
sleeping, or doing things you once enjoyed.               

Purple Ribbon Group

This group is for women who are surviving and thriving after relationship abuse.

Stress Management

Accepting that stress is part of our lives, coping skills can help us better manage our stress.
If you would like to learn more about what groups are currently offered or
sign up to participate in one of these groups, please call the
University Counseling Center: 419-530-2426
Or visit us: Rocket Hall 1810



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Last Updated: 11/21/16