The SEED Initiative


UT is committed to promoting mass transit and clean or low carbon transit options in order to lower carbon emissions, while also making our campuses bike and pedestrian friendly.

Bike & Pedestrian Friendly Campus


  • Complete Streets
    • UT's Complete Streets committee has a goal to develop a holistic transportation network on UT's campuses
    • The committee is working on a policy to ensure pedestrians and cyclists are considered with every capital transportation project
  • Bike Corrals & Racks
    • UT has installed bike corrals by the West Parking Garage and by Ritter Hall on main campus to provide safe storage 
    • The corrals are fenced in, equipped with security cameras, and are accessed by card swipe
    • They also provide lockers for storage and free air for tires
    • Rocket ID cards must be activated to access the corrals by visiting Student Union RM 1550
    • UT has installed bike racks on all three campuses to encourage students to travel by bike
  • Bike-Share Program
    • The Rocket Wheels program offers bikes at three convenient locations on Main Campus. Learn more here!
  • Bike-Loan Program
    • The program is no longer in existence but there are many details provided on the link about the structure of the program and the process in which it was run. 
    • This was a pilot program used to offer 30 bicycles  15 for international students and 15 for domestic students, all without cars  in an effort to reduce car congestion, parking issues and gas emissions on campus
    • $50 deposit by cash, credit card or Rocket Card
    • Each participant was to receive a bike to use for the entire school year
    • Sponsored by SEED, TOLEDO BIKES, and Rocket ReCycle
    • A gentleman from UT at Snyder Memorial building worked upon old bicycles and repaired them in his garage.
    • The expenses/payments of the program was in part borne by money from the Rebate Program.
  • Traffic Control Devices
    • There are traffic control devices to limit traffic in the center of campus to emergency vehicles and deliveries. Signs are posted to restrict traffic and we enforce and gain compliance through ticketing.

Low-Carbon Transportation

  • Free to the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    • busEVSE Charger DC Fast Charging Station in East Parking Garage on Main Campus 
    • Station in Lot 31 on Main Campus
    • Station in Lot 44D on Health Science Campus
    • Station in Lot 22 on Scott Park Campus
  • Bus Fleet
    • Includes all biodiesel buses and one hybrid electric bus
  • One Star Ohio Green Fleet
    • Clean Fuels Ohio recognized UT Transit Services for their hard work to improve its efficiency and environmental performance.
Last Updated: 8/2/18