Rocket Card (ID)

Rocket Card


Ordering your ID:

1. Please log into your MyUT
2. Click on "Request New/Replacement Rocket Card", which you will find under "My Other Resources"


1.  Please log into your MyUT
2.  Click on "Request New/Replacement Rocket Card", which you will find under "Other Services"

Please order your ID using this link Affiliates


Please order the ID using this link Departmental ID Request

Click here for more information on how your business can accept the UT Rocket Card
The Rocket Card is the official University of Toledo identification card and cannot be shared with others. The Rocket Card is multifaceted in its uses; it provides students and employees safe, quick access to campus services as well as functioning as a payment card for services both on and off campus. The card can feature up to three types of monetary funds: financial aid, Rocket Dollars (can be added by you and your family) and Dining Dollars, as part of a meal plan.  

 The Rocket Card tracks usage in real time and allows you the ability to freeze your card if it becomes lost or stolen, deposit money and check balances.  The fastest way to protect your card from misuse if lost or stolen is to immediately freeze the card through the on-line tool.  From just about any location in the world and you and your guests will have the ability to deposit money with the knowledge that you will have immediate access to those funds.  


Office Hours & Location

Main Campus
Student Union Room 1560 (Inside of Rocket Wireless)
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:15 pm

Health Science Campus (Pick-Up Only)
Mulford Library, Nurses Administration, 2nd Floor Annex
Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 4:15 pm

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Last Updated: 3/5/19