Internship and Field Experience

For the Internship and Field Experience, University College students have the opportunity to earn up to eight credit hours toward their degree while completing a practical experience outside the classroom. The Internship and Field Experience may be done in substitution for the senior capstone requirement in all three University College degree programs. However, students are responsible to obtain their own internship and application to register for the internship course in addition a one page proposal that must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the work will be completed.

An internship is meant to be an exposure to a new career field where you will learn new skills.

A field experience is a project-based experience where you will apply what you have already learned to a specific project.

Students will work closely with an adviser and also with the designated coordinator to develop their internship or field experience.


Looking for an internship?
Ohio Means Jobs is a resource for students to assess skills, search for jobs or internships and post your resume. 
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Last Updated: 7/12/18