University College Honors Program

students making presentationUniversity College's Honors Program is a stimulating learning experience for undergraduate students of exceptional ability and motivation.

The Honors Program

  • Offers smaller classes
  • Fosters interaction with faculty and other highly motivated students, and
  • Affords opportunities for research and specialized learning experiences with outstanding faculty members.

Requirements for admission to the Honors Program in University College are a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.30; a recommendation from a UT adviser or faculty member; satisfactory completion of 15 semester hours of college or university credit, but a maximum of no more than 80 semester hours of credit; and an assigned essay.

Program Honors Criteria

  1. Three (3-credit hour) courses designated as Honors. They include seminars and courses offered by the Honors Program, Honors sections of other university courses and learning contacts with a designated professor.
  2. A senior thesis (4 credit hours).
  3. A University of Toledo cumulative GPA of 3.30 upon graduation.

Program Honor students are awarded the honors stoll from University College.

College Honors Criteria

  1. Two Honors Reading Conferences (in place of English Composition I and II).
  2. One Honors multicultural literature course.
  3. Twenty-four hours of coursework designated as Honors.
  4. Asenior thesis (4-credit hours).
  5. Ahigher education cumulative GPA of 3.30 upon graduation.

College Honor students are awarded the University Honors Program medallion.

The Honors Program is not directly related to the honors designation for academic performance – cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude – presented at graduation; although students who complete the requirements for the Honors Program usually receive one of these designations.

Honors College Senior Exit Form

Program Benefits

The Honors student enjoys:

  • Priority registration each semester
  • Invitation to special seminars
  • Membership in Student Honors Council (SHC)
  • Funding to present research papers at national and regional conferences
  • Access to a network of academic-related information.

This enriched learning environment of the Honors Program provides a valuable foundation of writing and research for students wishing to be admitted into advanced graduate or professional programs.


To learn more about the University College Honors Program contact:

Kim Pollauf
Phone: 419.530.3142

Last Updated: 7/12/18