Liberato DiDio & Peter Goldblatt Interactive Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

About Liberato DiDio

Dr. Liberato J.A. DiDio, was the Medical College of Ohio's first faculty member who went on to become didio an internationally known anatomist and the school's first dean of the graduate school. He joined MCO in 1967.

Dr. DiDio was working at Northwestern University School of Medicine when he was contacted by Dr. Glidden Brooks, the first president of the medical college. They met while Dr. DiDio was a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School in 1961 and Dr. Brooks was teaching at Brown University.

Dr. DiDio worked 24 years at MCO, serving as the first graduate school dean and the first chairman of the anatomy department as well as creating the school's body donation program.

At the beginning of August 1979, Dr. DiDio organized the  IV International Symposium on the Morphological Sciences at MCO bringing anatomists from 39 countries to the campus. For the first time the International Anatomical Nomenclature Committee and all subcommittees met simultaneously on the same site.  The success of that meeting prompted the revision of the anatomical terminology and creation of new terms for anatomy, embryology and histology.

Dr. DiDio was named “Anatomist of the Year” by the International Symposium of Morphological Sciences on three different occasions.

During his lecture to the first class of anatomy in MCO he told the students: "To study the flesh, the skin, the bones, the organs, the nerves of man, is to equip our minds with a knowledge that will enable us to search beyond the body."

After his retirement in 1988, Dr. DiDio was appointed by Dr. Richard Ruppert, President of MCO, to be special assistant to the President. In 2000 Dr. DiDio returned to Brazil to become vice President of a recently created University. He died in 2004.