Liberato DiDio & Peter Goldblatt Interactive Museum of Anatomy and Pathology


Who has access to the Liberato DiDio and Peter Goldblatt Interactive Museum of Anatomy and Pathology?

Medical Students and Physician Assistant students haveaccess to and from the museum via swipe card only. Students of other disciplines can have access to the museum by contacting the Department of Neurosciences at X 4109. High Schools students will be able to access the museum via tours organized and coordinated by S2S.

Unauthorized entry to this museum is prohibited. Other student groups working or studying related disciplines can arrange museum tours.  Similarly, entitled groups can arrange access through the museum director. Other casual visitors can also arrange access via the museum director. 

Why is access restricted?

Access to the museum is restricted, due to the sensitivity of the collection.  The majority of the collection consists of real human remains. These human remains were obtained through the Department of Neuroscience’s Anatomical Donation Program. These donors enable the advancement of medical education and research and appropriate respect must be shown at all times, therefore the museum is to be used for legitimate study and learning purposes. 

Is photography or video recording allowed?

The taking of photographs, videos or images of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the museum. It is a condition of entry to the Liberato DiDio and Peter Goldblatt Interactive Museum of Anatomy and Pathology that you do not take photographs or operate a video recorder. A breach of this condition will result in being banned from the premises and may result in equipment being confiscated.

Is food and/or drink permitted in the museum?

Food and drinks are NOT permitted within the museum due to health and safety requirements.  

Are mobile phones permitted in the museum?

Mobile phones are NOT permitted in the museum.