Gypsies (Romanies) and Travelers

Maps on the Internet

The maps below show the historical migration of Roma throughout Asia and Europe

Gypsy migration, 12th to 16th centuries (Internet Archive, Wayback Machine) [link]

Interactive Map: Roma Populations in Roma Decade Countries [link]

Jewish Virtual Library: Germany & The Nazis Maps: The Persecution of Roma (Gypsies) [link]

Maps of Indo-European Languages: Romany [link]

Myths, Hypotheses and Facts Concerning the Origin of Peoples: The True Origin of Roma and Sinti [link]

A National Geographic Society map showing Roma migration from India to Europe and to the Americas (Internet Archive, Wayback Machine) [link, PDF document]

Roma Diaspora: Wikipedia [link]

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum: Genocide of European Roma (Gypsies), 1939-45 Map [link]

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