A Visit to the Patrin Website Glossary

A definition for "patrin" and the significance of the leaf icon used on the Carlson Library site are found at the comprehensive and attractive "Patrin" website's "Glossary" Page, which is an invaluable weblink worth bookmarking for anyone interested in GR&T Peoples. The "Patrin" website is hands down the most popular English-language website in cyberspace for DX-related information. Unfortunately the Patrin website has not been updated for several years!

Click the patrin leaf at the end of this paragraph to arrive at the "Patrin" website's "Glossary" Page. From that page you can move around within the "Patrin" website to view all the other interesting pages there. Be sure to sign their "Guestbook" (which is still active) and thank them for their excellent contribution to GR&T studies.


Patrin leaf, Glossary link (on Internet Archive, Wayback Machine)

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