Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Program Review

Academic Program Review

program review blockAcademic program review is an integral part of a university’s commitment to improve the quality of its academic programs and student outcomes.

Academic program review at The University of Toledo is structured as follows:

  • All degree programs will participate in a scheduled program review at least six months prior to their next scheduled accreditation visit. All degree programs, including those not participating in an accreditation process,
    will be reviewed minimally every seven years.
  • Program Review Resources

    Complete Program Review
    Schedule 2013-2020
    (Schedule is currently under revision)

    Academic Program Review Manual 2016-17
     Self-Study Template
    Faculty leaders of degree programs will prepare and complete a program self-study report at least one month prior to the scheduled program review team site visit.

The scope of academic program review at the University of Toledo includes the following:

  • Program design
  • Program efficiency
  • Faculty expertise
  • Continuous improvement (including learning assessment, student outcomes, research outcomes,
    and service outcomes)
  • Financial sustainability


Last Updated: 11/8/16