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The Jesup Scott Honors College offers enhanced academic and experiential opportunities to highly motivated and talented students in all of the undergraduate colleges at The University of Toledo. The Honors College provides:
- a nurturing and challenging higher education experience
- small-group and discussion-based learning
- environment conducive to growth and discovery
- an atmosphere of intellectual and cultural diversity 

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The Jesup Scott Honors College is The University of Toledo's premier academic experience, featuring an academic curriculum focused on critical thinking about real-world issues. Honors students pursue an engaging program of study in their major, which meets general education requirements, that uniquely challenges them to develop as thinkers, leaders, researchers, and persons.

As an Honors student, you would enroll in a sequence of specialized Honors classes as well as major courses possessing an enhanced Honors scope. All of these experiences contribute to the required 33 Honors credits earned for the Honors Medallion and prepare you for a personalized capstone project to conclude your undergraduate career. To learn more about the Honors curriculum and graduation requirements, please visit here.

Honors students enjoy priority course registration, access to Honors-specific dormitory spaces, exclusive professional growth and networking opportunities, distinct study abroad trips and research options, fun trips through the Honors Learning community, as well as access to Honors grants and scholarships.

Direct-from-high school applicants interested in joining the Honors College should note this when completing the general university application. You will receive an e-mail including a link to the supplemental Honors application a few days after your acceptance to UT. The overall requirements for high school students are a minimum of BOTH a 3.5 high school GPA and a 25 ACT/1150 SAT test score. If you do not choose to enroll in the Honors College now, you can do so during your college career after the completion of your first semester but before the beginning of your junior year if you achieve at least a 3.3 cumulative UT GPA.

To learn more about what it means to be an Honors student, please explore our Web site here. Please direct any questions or requests to or call us at 419-530-6180.



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No matter where you're at on your educational path, The University of Toledo can help you create your future with more than 250 academic programs, convenient scheduling options, academic support, and a welcoming campus community.


Important Dates/Checklist
  • October - Housing portal opens for on-campus housing
  • October 1 - FAFSA opens up
  • Feb- March- Experience Days for admitted students
  • March- Financial Aid packages begin to mail out from UT
  • May- Send final official high school transcripts to UT
  • June/July- Rocket Launch Orientation


Last Updated: 6/8/17